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The Rules of (Increasing) Engagement

Are you struggling to increase engagement rates on your social media pages? Do you feel like your website just isn't performing like it should? Here's a secret: Increasing social engagement and website performance go hand in hand. So many people try to tackle these issues separately without realizing that to truly increase engagement in a meaningful and powerful way you have to look at all aspects of your digital marketing. This is because they should all be working together to support your goals. If they aren't, you're wasting effort, time and money.

Here are some basic rules and ideas to increase your engagement rates in each area of your digital marketing strategy.

Rule #1: Be Aware of Facebook Algorithm Updates

One of the reasons our clients love working with us is that our team is dedicated to staying up to date with the latest updates to all social channels. Business owners simply don't have the time to keep up with the ever-evolving world of digital marketing trends.

Facebook has made numerous changes and continues to make changes to its algorithms on a regular basis. Almost all of these changes reward posts with good engagement levels by putting them in front of more people and placing them higher on newsfeeds in more visible places.

Rule #2: Give Users Easy, Obvious Places to Engage

One of the biggest mistakes we point out to new clients is that their existing website and even email and social efforts give very few places for the user to engage. Some of the tools we use allow us to watch how people are engaging with your website, and many times we watch them scroll around chaotically before leaving the page.

Web pages need to have places that encourage engagement on them. Some simple examples of this include videos you can click to play, clickable calls to action, and drop boxes when there is a lot of content so it can be displayed a little at a time.

Rule #3: Measure and Analyze Everything

If you aren't measuring and analyzing your digital marketing efforts, how do you know what's working and what isn't? One of the aspects of our Rising Star Website Program that our clients love best is the emphasis we put on measuring, analyzing and then making changes that help continue to increase their engagement at steady rates.

The bottom line is that all aspects of your digital marketing efforts need to be increasing your engagement – it's all connected and should work together. If you're struggling to bring everything together, we can help. Our team is ready to help take each area of your marketing strategy and formulate them all into one modern, high-performance effort that provides visible results.

For more information, call us today at 214-654-9180 or email us at helpme@dogstarmedia.com.

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