Metrics and Conversion

We use reliable technologies to measure progress and conversion.  We help you understand trends and conversions with Key Performance Indicators and help you put anecdotal data into perspective. 

We measure Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) using metrics technologies.  These technologies factor out confusing anecdotal data that occurs when you ask patients or customers where they first heard of you.   Instead of the uncertainty of anecdotal data, we use precise measurements that detail quantity of use and quality of engagement. 

At the minimum, this can be accomplished with three basic tools: Google Analytics, Facebook Insights and Tracking Telephone Numbers

Google Analytics is a free metrics service that measures use and engagement of your web site.  This is a basic must-have that you should have on your web site already.

Facebook Insights is the dashboard on your Facebook account that details engagement.  We use it to make sure our targeting is reaching and connecting with the proper audience.  Also free, also basic must-have.

Tracking telephone numbers are unique numbers used in only one location.  These numbers collect all relevant data about each inbound call.  As they are only used in one location, when a tracking number is called, we know it is being used from a specific location.  This is how we separate calls from your web site, or calls from an advertisement, from all other general callers.  Dog Star Media provides affordable, premium technology tracking numbers and reporting.

Ask about our metrics if you want the following:

  • Facts about what marketing tools are working
  • A way to monitor your team’s phone conversion skills
  • A practical training tool you can use in every team meeting.
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Tracking Numbers

A tracking telephone number is a unique number tied to tracking technology that is placed in a single location, such as your web site or an ad placement.  When that number is called, we know it came from that unique source.  In addition to measuring the volume of calls from a source, our tracking numbers also record all the vital data about a call including Caller ID and recording the call.  Tracking numbers reveal the information that is not obvious about your incoming calls, including calls you missed.  Many of our clients use tracking numbers for marketing purposes and for training and re-training for frontline employees handing the phones.

Web Site Effectiveness

Clients in our Boutique Services can opt for Analysis, a program to analyze the most important Key Performance Indicators for your business’ marketing.  We use technological metrics tools to help you understand your web site users’ behavior.  Beginning with the facts about user behavior and conversion leads to purpose-driven web site updates designed to better engage users, get them what they want or need, and make it a easier for them to contact you.  Just like you, we are focused on the bottom line: more new patient and customer conversions.  Using the proper tools to understand your web site traffic is the starting point for keeping your site effective.


There are benchmarks for success along the way, but we all want one thing: more, easier conversions. In our Boutique Services, this is where your web site and point-of-contact at the practice come into play. Clients who invest time into the Analysis aspect of our Boutique Service track Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)which focus on evaluating the new traffic from Audience Building and resulting Customer Journeys to improve conversion.  KPIs range from everything to the localization of traffic, the improvement in organic search engine traffic to evaluating call conversion.  For a truly elegant and effective marketing program, we keep your practice focused on conversion.

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