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Five Tips for Marketing in 2015

It’s that time of year when most doctors and dentists initiate their marketing plans in earnest. Every year, I see trends in buying that are influenced by the same factors.

Some choose strategies based on emerging technologies. Many will change strategies because old strategies have flatlined, hit a plateau or because of failure. Others make changes to keep from being left far behind. Many will resist good ideas because they don’t take the time to understand why they work. It’s always a mixed bag. So, I try to give good general tips and pointers for decision-making.

Whether you are a leader or a follower, there is definitely something you can do this year to improve your marketing. Here are five tips for making a wise marketing investment in 2015:

1) Insist on tangible value in your Social Media strategy.

Social media strategies in 2015 should deliver web visitors and visitors coming through the social channel to your site should show an increasingly positive user experience. If you are in a social strategy that collects followers, likes or friends… Congratulations! You are in 2013. In 2015, Facebook offers database-driven targeting that allows you to build reputation, web traffic and business in one elegant strategy that relies on a great message (content) plus intuitive, intelligent targetting strategy. Don’t even look at anything less. You can expect real deliveries from Facebook, measured with Google Analytics.

2) Don’t kid yourself, it’s all about mobile.

In 2014 mobile PC Internet use exceeded PC access. Not surprising. We watched all our clients’ mobile stats skyrocket. Why does this affect you? First off, this makes your mobile presentation at least equal in importance to your web site‘s computer presentation. So, if you still have a mobile site or a site that is not responsive, you are about to be even further behind the times. To make things worse, Google will be updating its search algorithm in April with more emphasis on mobile user experience. That means if you have a good mobile presence, your potential for ranking is going up! If you are not up with the mobile trend, you are likely going down. Google is telling you with this change (that the others will follow), be relevant where the people are… on mobile.

This may mean it’s time to finally update that old clunker of a web site that you have. If you do remember: Responsive programming solves the mobile issue. Content management lets you feed the site new content most easily. And, don’t forget to be distinctive and choose someone who can do custom design (like Dog Star Media)

3) We are a scrolling culture now.

Have you noticed how all the new web sites scroll in long pages. There are still places to click but the nature of displaying information has changed to scrolling. Why? We have been socialized by the heavy use of mobile devices. It is easier to swipe than to find and click. So, if you are designing a new web site this year, don’t resist the scrolling pages your designer wants to use. Your story will flow better and fit market expectations for ease of use.

4) Lower expectations on Hands-off Services.

I give this advice every year one way or another: If it‘s important, keep it under your direct influence. If a marketing service “does it all for you”, then beware. The more turnkey the service, the more likely it is that your image of difference will be factored out. Answer your own phones. Track your own calls. Look at your Google Analytics and understand how to read them. Post or approve your own reviews. Update your own web site content. It is ok to get marketing assistance, advising and support. in fact, that is the best advice. Have an outside expert on your team that does the work but be engaged. The best thing we do at Dog Star Media is teach clients how to be participants in their own marketing and sales. This makes you as strong a player as you can be in your market.

5) Track everything.

It’s 2015, everything is traceable and it is getting easier to use these technologies. Between call tracking and Google Analytics, you have everything you need to track the eye elements of your marketing on two easy dashboards. However, there is an Achilles’ Heel with tracking: monitoring. If you track but don’t look at the results, fail to learn how to read them and avoid expert advice on how to use your results to improve, then you are not using tracking technologies to get smarter and better. If you need advice on tracking, please contact me.

So, there are 5 easy points to keep in mind as you pull the trigger on your 2015 marketing plans. If you are ready to talk to Dog Star Media about help with any of these strategic points, please let me know at donald@dogstarmedia.com. We are here to help you!

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