Content Marketing

Our Content Marketing program is a simple but, effective way to build your web site‘s organic search traffic, create a new, larger audience and trigger hundreds of new customer journeys each month.  Content Marketing is cornerstone of our Boutique Service line.

The program relies on expertise, experience, and audience targeting skills. Each month, we add blogs to your web site, share them to Facebook and promote them to an audience we develop just for you.  Our Content Marketing program works because our expertise in topic selection, targeting strategy, timing and pacing maximizes your budget for digital branding.  More people who are interested in what you offer see your presence on social media, and we invite them to start their Customer Journey in a way that is appealing to them.

The combination of all the monthly steps creates more organic search engine visitors to your web site.  These are the best visitors who come to your site looking for what you have to offer.  They stay longer, engage more with your site and convert most frequently.  In our Content Program, conversion occurs on your web site. 

Ask about our Content Marketing program if you want the following:
  • More organic search engine visitors
  • Marketing that uses social media effectively.
  • More educated and engaged prospects

Our Content Program produces all of these for the clients enrolled in our Boutique Service approach.

You know simple…

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Ideal in form and function.

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Audience Development

Specialized practices know the importance of branding. Prior to social media, most practices promoted brand awareness with large, sustained mass media buys.  The idea is to introduce your identity and service to as many people as possible so they know your brand.  In this digital age we create brand awareness on a one-to-one, targeted basis.  So, if you want the new level of branding, you invest in Audience Development, which is more precision-targeted, more affordable and more adjustable for refined targeted audiences.   In a contemporary marketing strategy, Audience Development is a necessary cornerstone of a successful marketing strategy.

The Customer Journey

You cannot control how potential patients research you and your practice; you can only encourage and influence that process.  A person’s unique path to discover and research about the value of choosing your practice is as individual as the person themself.  To understand Content Marketing, you must embrace this idea. Through targeting and content development, we make vital information about your practice available in all the right places, at all the right times.  Our clients talk about an increase in prospective patients who are “ready to buy because they’ve done their research.”  That’s the effect caused by our clients influencing their new patients’ Customer Journeys.

Organic Search Traffic

Organic search engine traffic is the best traffic for your web site.  Organic search engine users are in an active mode, shopping, reseaching and validating what they know.  If you are like most practices, your organic search visitors spend the most time on your site and tend to call or make contact through forms at a higher rate.  Because of the factors created by Content Marketing program, your relevance and availability for organic search increases each month.  Our program adds content to your site, thus increasing your relevant digital footprint.  Our process leads to more organic search visits which leads to a cycle of increasing relevance.

“Dog Star Media has done an excellent job of creating informative blog posts, posting and running promotional campaigns on Facebook. Many of these posts have been shared by the public for organically expanding of our reach. Our practice capabilities have been widely known due to these campaigns.”