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How to Jump The Productivity Gap

As we head into 2018, a productivity gap is forming between practices that embrace the power of content marketing and those practicing old keyword and search strategies. In the coming year, you can expect that productivity gap to grow even more, specifically for small, niche businesses like fee-for-service or advanced medical and dental practices. In other words, you either know the most productive way to market on the Internet or you don’t.

Content marketing and its related tools are designed to leverage the Internet’s communication possibilities according to how people use the Internet now. As communication evolves on the Internet, the way we use the web changes, the tools we use change, the sites and portals we use change ... It all changes. 

There is one constant, though: Content. And our ability to target and deploy content has never been better. Yet, despite the quantum leap in the productivity of online marketing tools, most of my conversations with prospective clients revolve around the basics of how the Internet works. Most prospective clients we encounter are still bought into old goals and therefore old strategies. Meanwhile, the Internet has changed and they wonder why it’s harder to get good marketing results. 

The Gap ... it‘s real.

If I’m describing you, don’t worry. It’s not too late. You simply need to make one paradigm shift to hop over to the other side of The Gap. The shift is this: You need to tell your story in real-life context, through expertly created content delivered to a hand-picked local audience. Doing this builds your brand, improves your search rankings, develops a social media audience, builds interested advertising lists and drives traffic to your website. 

Welcome to the other side of The Gap. Over here, you get all the things you’ve always wanted from your marketing. You just need to change your strategies to make them content-based and pick a marketing company with experts to design and execute your strategy in order to make it work.

Dog Star Media’s Essential Services are all based in content. Our SEO program is based in optimized content and the news syndication of that written content. Our Social Media program is based in blog and video content shared to Facebook and targeted to an interested local audience. The short version is this: We give people what they want to see in places they frequently traffic and connect that to you. That’s why both strategies drive so much interested local traffic to your website and why calls and contacts go up.

It’s almost 2018. If you want to be on the other side of The Gap next year, contact me at Donald@dogstarmedia.com and we can talk about how to get you there.

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