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Why Content Marketing Works

Sure, you've heard the incredibly overused expression that "content is king," but what does that really mean and why should you care? Content marketing is written or sometimes visual information usually provided to potential clients for free or in exchange for something simple such as an email address. Content provides value to the user and can be informative, educational, entertaining or even inspiring. What you are reading right now is content marketing in action! We are using the power of the written word and the advanced technology the internet provides to share with thousands of people all over the world the importance of providing information your potential clients care about.

Do you care about growing your business? If so, you'll want to read on to learn just why content marketing is one of the key elements to doing just that!

Content marketing statistics show that this form of marketing generates three times as many leads as outbound marketing. It drives up to six times higher conversion rates and even has the potential to boost website traffic by up to seven times as much as a strategy missing this vital element of value for the end user.

Content Marketing Builds Trust

That's one of the core pillars here at Dog Star Media that supports our content marketing program. In the medical and dental industries, trust isn't just important - it is VITAL. Did you know that 78 percent of consumers say they would rather get to know a brand through content marketing instead of ads? Effective content marketing allows you to develop a relationship of trust with current clients and potential clients.

It also helps the clients you convert become better patients who are more educated and informed about your practice and their own self-care.

Content Marketing Gives Rather Than Takes

If you think about other forms of marketing, they're always asking the consumer to take action and buy something or give out their information. The beauty of content marketing is that it gives the reader value and asks for nothing in return.

This is part of the trust-building process and cultivates a relationship of positive feelings between your practice and future clients. Think about it from your own perspective: Would you rather be sold to in the form of an ad, or would you rather be informed and given value with nothing asked in return?

If you want to learn more about how content marketing can help you grow your practice, or you just have some questions for us, email us today at helpme@dogstarmedia.com or call us at 214-654-9180.

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