What is 9/10ths of the battle?

I always tell our designers that if you have great graphics, it is not hard to make a great web site. I was reminded of this earlier this week as I was looking at John and Michael Bixby’s new web site and a few others we will be finishing in the next several days.Today’s great advice is to invest in photography. It will make the...
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Need a good movie this weekend? Me, too.

With the Oscars coming this weekend, there is a lot of talk about movies... and a lot to read. I saw a story in the Dallas Morning News about a German movie that is a good bet to win in the Best Foreign Film category. It was called The Lives of Others and I have not seen it so I cannot recommend it.However, I can recommend the best movie I...
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Think of this while making your marketing budget

In case you haven’t noticed, AT&T is absorbing the its wireless brand, Cingular. The transitional ads have been running about three weeks now. Cingular was developed as a stand-alone brand for wireless service but AT&T is responding to market research that showed consumers prefer bundled services. So, AT&T is investing in...
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Another great DSM web site

Congratulations go to John and Michael Bixby of The Atlantic Center for Advanced Dentistry! We launched their new web site today at www.drbixby.com.DSM Art Director Julie Teasley was the designer and she did her usual fantastic job.BTW: A note to all who want an original Dog Star Media custom web site: Do what the Bixby’s did and invest in...
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See a Video Blog

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I think there’s something you should know

Do not ever downplay the importance of being genuine. Detecting and projecting this quality has been a part of the Dog Star way (or the Tao of Dog Star as we sometimes call it around here) dating back to the days when we offered sales training as part of our standard offerings. We learned the importance of this quality from Steven Covey in 7.....
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I am busy on June 26

http://www.thepolicetour.com/I hope you are among the many who have dreamed of this day for the last 23 years.http://www.thepolicetour.com/I hope you are among the many who have dreamed of this day for the last 23 years.

Read more http://dogstarmediablog.blogspot.com/2007/02/i-am-busy-on-june-26.html...

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DIY vs. The Value of Your Time

There has been a lot of discussion among our clients this week regarding the value of technology. I think sometimes we get used to having answers and take the source of the answers for granted.

In this case, I am talking about tracking numbers and tracking technologies. Clients who have been with us for a few months or years get used to having......

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Think Dog Star Media. Think movies!

It's true. Everyone on our video team has a degree in filmmaking. This is great for our clients when we make more sophisticated projects. And, it will come in handy for my blog subscribers when you need to rent a movie.You can find lots of reviews of movies that are in current release. But, how many times have you walked the aisles in...
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Big announcement for DSM

Dog Star Media spend most of last week in Phoenix at the American Academy of Cosmetic Surgeon’s annual Scientific Meeting. DSM is the primary Digital Education sponsor of for the AACS and we had the chance to show our portfolio and capabilities at the meeting.As the Digital Education sponsor, we will be using our expertise in Flash and video...
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Welcome to Donald Griswold’s Blog

imageWe are at a time when the words “access” and “content” are more important online than ever. If you want to be competitive on the web, you must be visually compelling and easy to understand. You need to offer something compelling that will separate you from the rest and make you memorable.The cream is rising to the top on...
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