Understand Your SEO Strategy?

In the last few weeks, I have had a lot of doctors ask about our SEO strategy.  This is an area of general frustration for business owners because it is so technical.   The nature of search engine optimization is technical but when we decided to start doing SEO at our marketing and media company, I wanted to make sure we could...

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Online Review Manager Benefits

I think we hit a nerve with our new Online Review Manager Program.  I’ve got numerous emails and/or calls each day since we introduced this new program last week.  

If you want some incentive to check out our Online Review Manager program: click here.

In short, our program has several major benefits, all of which are related to...

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Online Review Manager

Today, we are introducing a new Dog Star Media program called Online Review Manager.  We developed this program in response to the consistent questions about online reviews I get in my coaching meetings.  I am frequently asked by doctors about the best place to put patient reviews online, what to do when patients can’t figure out...

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Special Offer on Smartphone and iPad Websites

Smart Phone and iPad Websites

(Keep reading for a special offer on smartphone and iPad sites)

Click here using an smart phone or an iPad to see two practices that have successful smart phone and iPad websites:http://www.dreamsmile.comhttp://drjackpeterson.comThe last three spring seasons, Apple has released a new generation of iPad and immediately,...

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Smart phone and iPad web sites

Click here using an smart phone or an iPad to see two practices that have successful smart phone and iPad sites:



The last three spring seasons, Apple has released a new generation of iPad and immediately, we have seen a big jump in mobile web traffic on our clients‘ Google Analytics.  A...

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New Web Site by Dog Star Media

We have a new web site at dogstarmedia.com!   It went a live a few weeks ago and we have been tweaking it, adding new content. 

Just like everyone else, our main motivation was to present a new look and feel.  Plus, we have a lot of new information about the work we have been doing and the potential of some of the strategies we...

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Lifetime Value

For my 250th blog, I thought I would write about one of the more accessible 1:1 Marketing strategies, that being Lifetime Value modeling. Under the right conditions for a large organization, Lifetime Value Models can be extremely valuable. And, if you understand the principles, you can simplify this method of evaluating your clients/patients so...


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So, The Recession is over. Now what?

Yesterday, the government announced The Recession is over. Now what?Although this announcement is based on macro-level statistics and you might not be feeling a significant change right now in your local area, it is a sign that things are moving in the right direction. So, in the past few years, you’ve made your adjustments, sharpened your...
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Attention: Social Media

Social media has taken a solid foothold in the world of marketing and its not going anywhere. The fact that Facebook and Twitter icons are showing up on television ads for major brands means we are past the tipping point. Social media is here to stay and its more than the mass adoption by Internet users that has caused this to happen.The...
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First mobile sites launched

This week, we launched the first two starter mobile web sites for clients. There is a growing breakaway pack of early adopters and the conversation continues about mobile web sites.Doug Brossoit, DDS in Spokane, WA is our cosmetic dentist to hang a mobile version of his web site. You can see it at MakingAwesomeSmiles.com on your mobile...
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New Web Site Launch and More on Mobile Sites

Congratulations go out to Eric Duncan, DDS on the launch of his new web site from Dog Star Media. You can see it here at www.drericduncan.com. All DSM web sites are custom designed and we congratulate Dr. Duncan on updating his look on the web.Last week, I blogged about the development of mobile web sites. We had requests for more...
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Web Sites for Mobile Devices

I have just finished attending a webinar from Google about the use of Mobile Devices. It strongly validated the recent upsurge in conversation about the need for mobile devices. There is a clear, fast-growing trend in Internet use on mobile devices. For more than a year now, more people have used mobile devices (iPhone, Blackberry,...
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Another New Web Site

Congratulations to Amiya Prasad, MD on the launch of his new web site: http://www.draprasad.com.I love this site because it is glamourous and hits the mark perfectly for NYC cosmetic surgeon. This is a stylish site that has a lot of substance, which is exactly how it should project a cosmetic practice in a major metropolitan area.I was...
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Great new web site by Dog Star Media

Congratulations to cosmetic dentist Peter Noto on his new Flash Video web site. You can see his new web site at www.westchesterdental.com.Dog Star Media specializes in custom design. Each client prefers a specific style in graphics, transitions, animations and content. In this case, dramatic colors, flashes of animation and specifically...
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Simple communication principle that is often ignored.

This is the time of year that most small business owners are gearing up for their annual plan. They work on the plan, they have their ideas and they budget (generally) for the execution. Then, once the company taxes are filed on March 15, everyone jumps out there and starts.If this is you, then this is such a critical time to listen to...
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Our clients are up a total of 30% in web traffic. How are you doing?

2010 is off to a fast start on the web for Dog Star Media clients. We know this from our centralized reporting process and our coordinated reports that are all scheduled for the first of the month. We pull Google Analytics, SEO reports and audits, Tracking Number reports and paid search reports from our paid search vendors such as Reach...
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Quadrant 4 and Marketing on Facebook

imageThis connection came to me during a coaching session with Carlos Pou, MD from Puerto Rico. I told him I’d give him the credit for helping this idea come together.So many marketing companies struggle when explaining why marketing on social networking sites is growing in importance. The stand-by reasons are: 1) the ability to reach a very...
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Web Site Advice: Bounce Rate

When it comes to statistics, you manipulate the numbers to support just about any case you want. However, it is important to have a clear understanding of what is happening on your web site. When you design a site, you intend to convey certain information. It’s important to make sure that people are using your site within reasonable...
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SEO advice on backlinking

I was asked the other day about backlinking. We do not offer it as part of our SEO program but it is a legitimate search engine marketing activity. But, then again there are a lot of legitimate search engine marketing activities. The trick, as always, is knowing where the value lies.I have to start all conversations about SEO and SEM by...
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New Year - New Web Site

Let’s start the year with the newest web site from Dog Star Media. Congratulations to David Hendrick, MD on the launch of his new HTML/Flash/Video web site. Actually, we made him three themes on the one web site for three different areas of his practice. You can see Salina Surgical Arts here, Heartland Cosmetic Surgery here and The Vein...
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