Surprise for July... Lots of Interest in New Web Sites

Normally, in mid-July, I have to write my semi-annual blog about fighting through a slow time. Of all years, I expected to be writing it this summer. However, a pretty great trend is emerging in this summer of $4 gas, sliding stocks and pre-election jitters.July has been filled with the most new web site requests that we have had all year....
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This is how you enhance a site with video

We have completed the video addition to the HTML pages on the new web site. When you click on any procedure, you get a brief benefits-oriented overview in rich media. It also doesn’t hurt that they hired Amy Mueller, one of the hosts from The Cosmetic Channel™ to present the benefits. Overall, this is just an...
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A Lesson on Added Value - Add this to your web strategy

Added value is a misunderstood term. This is primarily because it has become such a buzz word generally understood to mean “free stuff that we give you when you buy something from us.” And, with wider and broader usage, the “added values” get cheaper and less meaningful. So, most of us tend to dismiss it when someone...
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Stop Blocking... The Power of Marketing Flows from You.

I considered calling this blog “Zen and The Art of Marketing Your Practice” but I will save that for another day. Heading into next week which will be truncated by the long Fourth of July weekend, this is the perfect time for a little reflection. There is something you want right now, probably growth and smarter marketing if you...
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The Cosmetic Channel™ Makeover Show.... Wow! What results!

imageYesterday, we shot a show for The Cosmetic Channel that will debut in September, 2008. Six facial surgery patients flew into Dallas for hair and make-up makeovers from a team of stylists recognized as among the best in the Southwest. (Center of the photo: Hairstylist Cristen Cobb and Makeup Artist Joseph Mathini.) The results were amazing.The...
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Improve your marketing odds by 10X

That's right. There is a way to improve your odds by understanding a simple principle. Most marketing authorities will agree that it is 10 times easier to get new business from or through an existing customer or patient. Or another way of looking at it is: It is 10 times harder make a go out and find a new customer or patient than to...
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Yet Another New Web Site and Video for Your Reception Room on DVD

Congratulations to Charlie Morgan, DDS and his team at Stonebrook Dental in Frisco, Texas. His new Flash Video web site debuted last week at Yet another great example of how video of the doctor changes the game in marketing.When I speak at workshops and CME courses about the best uses of video in marketing, I always...
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New Web Site... Wow!

This web site has been cooking for a while and I am very happy to announce its debut today. Congratulations go to Dr. Faisal Quereshy in Ohio on his new Flash Video web site which you can see right here. Not only do I love this elegant style and classic color scheme but the use of video really makes this a site that brims with extra quality.This...
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A New Web Site and a New Blog Offering

Dog Star Media is proud to present the new web site for The Practice Advisory Group. You can see the site at site is great because you just sit back, watch and listen while a video host explains why their brand of comprehensive practice consulting can be beneficial for your practice. Incidentally, if the...
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The new

We are proud to present the new web site for!This site should bring your attention to the importance of using video to set tone, give access and separate yourself from the competition. This site blends Flash, Video and HTML for optimum searchablity and optimum visual impact once someone finds the site. In short, this...
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New Web Site and a Teaser

What is the best way to start marketing a new practice? Ask our client Dave Thomas from Ohio. Here’s the answer: A few months before you open the doors, launch your web site and begin your Keyword SEO. This ensures that your new identity can be submitted to search engines and recognized on related keywords well before you need the web...
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Wow! Now this is how you use video.

We just had a visit from Dr. Bill Middleton in our Dallas studio. Many of you AACS members know him from his cosmetic surgery practice in Toronto.Dr. Middleton flew into Dallas after attending Tulsa Surgical Arts’s CME course on surgeries After Massive Weight Loss. The point of his trip was to shoot 15 short videos on why you should...
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American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery Hospital in Dubai Web Site Debuts

We are proud to present our latest International web site for Dr. Qadir and her team at The American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery Hospital in Dubai. You can learn about the amazing facility and staff by clicking through this thorough and beautiful web site.It is the season for improving Internet presence and strategy. This is the second of...
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Another new DSM web site... this one has it all

Congratulations goes to long-time client, David Buck, DDS in Seattle. As most of you know, Seattle is a highly tech-savvy market. Dr. Buck has a strong online presence at but the site needed a facelift to add the rich media that can turn traffic into contacts. Over the years, Dr. Buck has invested in video production to...
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Making the Best First Impression

On Feb. 26, I wrote a blog about the Top 10 Reasons You Need a New Web Site and there was a monster response. It was one of the biggest click-throughs I have ever had from my blog readership.Last week, it happened again when I debuted two new sites. This is why metrics are important. Anytime I write about web site design, more of you click...On...
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New Web Sites and Two Great Client Brags

Dog Star Media is proud to present to new web site debuts this week. Congratulations to Dr. Anh-Tuan Trong and his wife April, who completed their Flash web site in exactly the projected number of weeks. Their new site,, is going to be a centerpiece in the marketing of their new has...Do...
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First Impressions and a $1500 discount on Flash

We use tracking strategies with our retainer clients and we recommend them for my coaching clients. One is a tracking number strategy, where a unique number that traces calls is placed in ads, on the web site in in the call to action on a marketing piece. It tells us where the real calls come from.Through an analysis of actual responses...
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Recession... Now what?

I saw more than one headline on Monday that stated 3/4 of Americans think our economy is in a recession. So now what?It has been five years since the last economic recession ended (2003) and seventeen years since the one before than finally turned upward (1991). This means, most of you have not had to ride through a real economic downturn as...
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A marketing research project that will benefit cosmetic practices

You know, if I had called this column what it really is, I would have torpedoed readership this week. Dog Star Media is beginning a research project, but it is a sales research project. It can be broadly described as marketing if it makes you feel better. Normally, most small business owners start to look for the nearest door. Sales...You...
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New Web Sites from Dog Star Media

I think last week, I hit a nerve in this blog when I wrote about 10 signs that you need a web site upgrade. We had a DSM-record response in the two days following the blog post with people looking for new, better web sites. Those people are at the beginning of the process. Here are two web sites that we completed in the last week who have...I...
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