Introducing The Cosmetic Channel™

The wait is over! Dog Star Media proudly presents a new, online video service that can vastly IMPROVE THE CONTENT OF YOUR WEB SITE WITH NEW VIDEO EACH MONTH. We have been hard at work for nearly six months developing and preparing to release this new objection-free offering for cosmetic surgeons and cosmetic dentists. The landing page...
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Summer Movies... of course!

I have had a lot of marketing posts lately so I wanted to shift gears and give you a couple of great movie recommendations. For those of you how are new visitors, we want you to think of Dog Star Media when you think about video. After all, most of us here have degrees in Film and Video production so, we kind of know what we are doing.I have...I...
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The Future of the Internet - Follow these links

When we design web sites for our clients, they always ask us to give them “the latest” in web design. But, what about the future of web design? In our business, that prompts the eternal questions about form following function.We have reached the point on the web where content is everything. There is written content,...
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3 Truths about Search Engine Placement

First, let me introduce you to the latest new web site from Dog Star Media: Congratulations to two great Texans, Guy and Jena Waldron!Okay... there has been a lot of chatter about Search Engine Optimization (SEO) in the last few weeks. Dog Star Media has a new SEO partner (which we will introduce formally to our...
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Want more brains?

Woodrow Wilson said, “I not only use the brains I have but all those I can borrow.”Good quote. So why wouldn’t you want to use all the brains you can borrow when it comes to measuring the responses on your web site? We are finishing a lot of web sites these days and I am surprised how few want to use tracking phone numbers...
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SEO for Flash

I am going to write a lot on search engine optimization (or SEO) this month.... and at the end of the month I will have a surprise for all of you who care about this part of your Internet strategy. I’m going to start with my favorite SEO topic: The uninformed opinion that Flash sites are not good for search engine optimization.An...
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Movie for you?

A few days ago, I caught the end of Sling Blade on one of my movie channels. What a tremendous job of acting and direction by Billy Bob Thornton. This weekend, I recommend this poignant Southern drama for a warm spring night. Filmed in Benton, Arkansas, Sling Blade smacks of reality like few movies of its time. This film won the 1996 Oscar for...A...
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A new DSM web site debut... plus a freebee

We are proud to announce the debut of the new web site for The Oral & Facial Surgery Center in NW Arkansas. Check out this new site at:, since I am writing this during halftime of Game 5 in the Mavs/Warriors series and the Mavs team that showed up tonight appears to be an actual competitive team, I want to jump...
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Two pretty big announcements.

As many of you know, Dog Star Media is redesigning the American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery’s web site. We reached an important point on Monday when we submitted a design to AACS for approval. If approved, will have its all-new leading edge look. Julie Teasley designed the proposed new look and the design.In other big...
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Another Great Flash Video Site by DSM

We are proud to present our latest Flash Video web site!http://www.hometowndentistry.comOne of the things I like best about this site is how rare the look and feel is. Dr. Pappas really let our designers interpret his vision of a classic, midwestern hometown look. Afterall they are located in Hometown, Illinois.We have more great sites on the...
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We both own small businesses... so what do I do?

One thing I share with any one of my clients is that we both own small businesses. We all have the same pressures to perform and people depend on us for their incomes. All of this is apparent each day and, of course, there is that thing about our own families’ well being, hopes and dreams. Yeah, that little thing.One thing I have been...
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Scattershooting, wondering whatever happened to...

Chuck Foreman..I hope everyone enjoys their weekend. If you want a great rental, try out Stranger Than Fiction with Will Ferrell and Emma Thompson. It was out late last year and is available on video. Three quarters of the way through, you will ask yourself... Where is this going? The payoff at the end makes it all worth the while. This is...
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More great Dog Star Media web sites

We have another great web site by Dog Star Media to debut. We’ve completed a fantastic Flash video site for cosmetic surgeon Dr. Erik Nuveen in Oklahoma City.See it today at, begin the build-up for the redesign of the American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery web site. The site officially moved past the flow...
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Evaluating your web site

We have many clients who are designing new web sites with us because the standards for cosmetic dental and medical web sites are going up. We have produced a brief overview video on evaluating your web site options and I will post it in my blog sometime next week. For now, though, here are a few quick tips for self-evaluation of your web site.F...
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Back from vacation... why did I bother?

San Antonio is four hours from Dallas. So, a three-day trip to go to SeaWorld didn’t sound that bad. Right? Pardon the cliche... it turned into a Griswold Family Vacation. I will spare you the details.... except this one... the four hour drive turned into eight hours and I had to listen to Blues Clues the whole way down. Thanks,...
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Another Great DSM Flash Web Site

Check out the latest custom DSM web site to hit the web.Congratulations go to Samir Pancholi, MD in Las Vegas on launching his Internet strategy with this web site. Check it out in about two weeks to see this site with its audio enhancement.
Check out the latest custom DSM web site to hit the web.Congratula...
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In case you need a movie...

Now that Spring is almost here, Spring Cleaning is right around the corner. Luckily, in Texas, we don’t have winter debris to clean up. Much different from that last few years in Spokane.The ultimate Spring Cleaning movie is Cold Comfort Farm. This little British movie from the 90s has a little bit for everyone in it. A comedy about a...
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A final word on ROI

About once a month, someone asks me about ROI. It happened last week… right on schedule. Like so many other elements of marketing, it is misunderstood. Maybe this will clear things up a little.Everyone… including me… would love to be able to measure the value of any single marketing investment. And, that would be...
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I waited 23 years for this... a real reunion tour by The Police. Today, I got tickets for the Dallas show in an exclusive pre-sale. Floor seats. Expensive? Yes. Am I keeping them? No.More later on my mission to get on the front row. The over/under on how close I will get starts with Row 3. Place your bets. The show is June 26.I waited 23 years...
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Another great DSM custom web site

http://www.makingawesomesmiles.comI am happy to promote this new web site for Doug Brossoit, DDS in Spokane, Washington. This custom Flash site will be enhanced with video from a DVD we have recently completed for Dr. Brossoit.If you have never been to Spokane (and I lived there for three years), this site reflects the beauty of the...
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