The Cosmetic Channel - Season 2

Season 2 of The Cosmetic Channel™ just became more exciting. Our first Spanish language shows are just now wrapping and our we project they will be available before the end of the year. These shows feature Spanish language talent and a native Spanish speaking surgeon talking about facial surgeries. This is the beginning of a new...
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Patience and SEO

I had planned on writing a blog this week on web design, but after seeing our October Keyword SEO reports on Monday, I wanted to add one more comment to the series I have been writing on Keyword SEO.I was compelled to do so based on the gains I saw on every report. The longer the client had been in the program, the more broad and significant...
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So, what should you be doing?

I have had this question on just about every call or email I have had for about two weeks, so I thought it would just be best to broadcast the answer.In lieu of the last few weeks, I can tell you there are generally three groups of business owners in the market right now. The first is the group who is trying to pick up ground on competitors,...
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Keyword Efficiency Indicator Explained

After last week’s blog, I got a lot of response about our Keyword SEO program. It is clear that there is a lot of frustration with other companies out there when it comes to SEO. So, I wanted to give some greater detail on a key measuring factor we use as part of our program. Generally, I think it is safe to say that most people do...
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Keyword SEO explained

This has been the talk all week for some reason, so I thought I would address it in my blog. I think maybe a lot of you are looking at your Search Engine Optimization (SEO) with a big question mark hanging over your head.Yes, SEO can be a mystery. We have worked for years to find a suitable SEO partner without success. Our conclusion:...
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The Dog Star Media Bailout Solution

There are a lot of you who are turning to marketing a little bit smarter right now during the slow down. That is good and I offer plenty of good advice on that in my coaching program. However, I have spoken to several doctors and dentists in the last few weeks who had wanted to make a major step forward in their web design this fall but...
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Season 2 of The Cosmetic Channel

We are very happy to announce another season of our successful video programming product, The Cosmetic Channel™.Those of you who are subscribers, users of the in-office DVDs or are simply aware of the product from my blog will know that in Season 1, we offered video on demand on our subscribers’ web sites. After listening to your...
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A Great, New Flash Web Site!

Congratulations to Drs. Albert and Michelle Carlotti! Last week we launched the new This new web site uses great photo content and the beauty of Flash to create such a high-end image. It really is a great web site.We all know what is going on in the financial markets but the people who are pushing forward with...
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Google reads Flash... Definitive Proof!

I was going to publish a big announcement about enhanced services for The Cosmetic Channel™ but Charlie gave me some pretty big news. We have definitive proof that Google is reading Flash files. This means all of you who are afraid to use Flash for SEO reasons can feel free to design in Flash. Here is all the proof you need.Many of you...
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Sudden Death Pool - Week 2

Week 2:Charlie Patric - New York GiantsDonald Griswold - ArizonaJason Lim - SeattleKen Collins - New York GiantsApril Good - PhiladelphiaLisa Morgan - Out in Week 1Charlie Morgan - Out in Week 1Ken Collins - Out in Week 1Amy Norman - Out in Week 1Jennifer Jens - Out in Week 1Jenn Zickefoose - Out in Week 1Week 2:Charlie Patric - New York GiantsD...
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Who is your Patient Zero?

This week in Tulsa, I introduced our new marketing concept for increasing referral marketing. The strategy is called The Patient Zero Strategy. Patient Zero is an epidemiology term. It is the first person in a epidemic. They infect people near them and the epidemic branches in out in an unpredictable growth that pulls in people from all...
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Dog Star Media Sudden Death Pool - Week 1

We have some new players this year. Good luck to everyone... we will all need it. Just to bring everyone up to speed, Charlie won last year’s pool with 10 consecutive winners. The rules are simple: Pick one team per week. Pick a team and you have used it for the year. Lose and you are out.Week 1:Charlie Patric - PhiladelphiaDonald...
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If things are slower than usual...

I have had several people mention that things are slow over the past few weeks. I tell them all the same thing. You can blame the economy, the summer or gas prices if you like, but if you are not doing the basic ground working we recommend, look no further than the mirror for the responsible party.One of the biggest misconceptions about slow...I...
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We are proud to present a preview of a new marketing web site for cosmetic dental and cosmetic surgical practices. It's and it is exactly what it sounds like. This site links you to specially selected partners and their blogs which will publish on a weekly basis, just like mine. Now, you will be able to go to this...
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Spanish Language Consulting and Media

Dog Star Media is proud to announce that we have added a Latin Cultural Consultant to our team. We have had numerous requests for simple translations into Spanish and I have already announced that our surgical shows on The Cosmetic Channel™ will be available in Spanish later this fall.If you are thinking about marketing to a Spanish...
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Ken Collins Nails It! Plus a Great New Site!

Last week, one of my favorite cosmetic dentists, Ken Colllins from Spokane came to Dallas to tape a 6-episode show for Season 2 of The Cosmetic Channel™. It is a talk show called Talking Smiles hosted by everyone's favorite Cosmetic Channel™ host, Cynthia. We had a great time and Ken nailed his part giving great details and a lot...
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What is the latest buzz? Pay Per Click.

One of the things I enjoy about Dog Star Media is that I often feel like I have my finger on the pulse of market trends. And, a recent trend I have noticed is a sudden understanding of what is really possible for a small business when it comes to SEO (Search Engine Optimization).Most people who have had some experience with SEO firms complain...
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Great use of video on a web site

I heard the song “Come Together” by John Lennon the other day. You know the line, “One thing I can tell you is that you’ve got to be free?” Well, it made me think about this theme of access I have been promoting all year.Think about it. As the doctor or dentist you are driving the billing for your practice. Seeing...
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A New Web Site, A New Strategy and New Partners

Congratulations to Advanced Dermatology in McAlester, Oklahoma on their new web site. You can see it at: In the next few weeks, we will be adding video drops of Dr. Gary Augter to this site, which is what we recommend to help the doctor make the best first impression on visitors.It is great to see doctors in...
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Old Friends Return - Web Sites and Video

Hard to believe it was five years ago that The Spokane Makeover Team made such a splash but the founding members are back for some new marketing tools with Dog Star Media.We are happy to present two new web sites for an old friend of mine from Spokane. Many of you in cosmetic surgery and cosmetic dermatology know Dr. Phil Werschler who has...
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