Sudden Death Pool - Week 6

What a Battle Royale this has turned into! This is one of the longest Sudden Death Pools I have ever seen!

Akiko Kakuta - NY JetsCharlie Patric - San DiegoMark Collins - San Diego

Donald Griswold - Out in Week 4Amy Griswold - Out in Week 4Samir Pancholi - Out in Week 4Jenn Zickefoose - Out in Week 4Ben Carmen - Out in Week 4Jason Lim - Out in



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More New web sites by DSM: You can learn from these examples

This time of year, people are focused and we wind up finishing a lot of web sites. Today, we have two sites that can probably teach you something. Notice that both are sporting subscriptions to The Cosmetic Channel™. That is not the example I intended; it just worked out that way. But, I do suggest that you add The Cosmetic...
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Sudden Death Pool - Week 5

We lost a lot of good men last week.... I am pulling for Akiko, although she appears to have a death wish this week.

Akiko Kakuta - San DiegoCharlie Patric - TennesseeMark Collins - Tennessee

Donald Griswold - Out in Week 4Amy Griswold - Out in Week 4Samir Pancholi - Out in Week 4Jenn Zickefoose - Out in Week 4Ben Carmen - Out in

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New Site Launches by Dog Star Media

I always like to feature new web sites we design in my blog. It is a good way to show off the variety possible with a custom web designer. It is part of the specialized design techniques we use at Dog Star Media. No templates. Everything is original and custom.In fact, the client can steers the boat in design. I recommend for clients to...
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Sudden Death Pool - Week 4

It’s Week 4 and it appears that nobody is giving any ground in the breakaway pack. This is the first week that we might have a winner. If San Diego and Dallas are both upset and the Eagles win, Ben will be our winner. However, that is a lot of ifs.

Donald Griswold - San DiegoAmy Griswold - San DiegoAkiko Kakuta - DallasCharlie Patric -...

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Major Web Site Release:

That’s right, we have completed the first phase of working with the staff and Communications Committee of the American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery to develop a new look and feel for their web site: members and regular visitors to will immediately notice that the site is now Flash. The established...
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Sudden Death Pool - Week 3

It is only Week 3 and NFL parity is taking its toll. Some big names went out this week and one inside competition was settled. Jenn Z topped Jenn J in Jenn vs. Jenn, battle of Donald’s personal trainers. That is a major upset but Jenn Z’s brother does work for NFL Films. That may have played a factor... but I warned Jenn J about...
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FINALLY! Watch The Cosmetic Channel here!

Yes, The Cosmetic Channel™ launched on time... actually, we launched it early on September 14. Reviews have been excellent and I think we hit our mark on delivering video content like no one has ever seen for the cosmetic market.You can visit these sites to see The Cosmetic Channel™. They are part of a group of about 30 practices...
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Sudden Death Pool - Week 1

Every Friday of the NFL season, we will be playing our Dog Star Media Sudden Death Pool. You’ve met the contestants (see previous blogs). It’s time to play. The rules are easy. Pick one winner each week and you cannot pick the same team twice.Donald Griswold - PittsburghAmy Griswold - MinnesotaAkiko Kakuta - MinnesotaJason Lim -...
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Rough Draft: The Cosmetic Channel™ Player have several tweaks for the design team on this design and the video is pretty raw. But, for those of you who want to start to visualize what The Cosmetic Channel™ will look like on your web sites... this is it.
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Mark Your Calendars for September

September is going to be big! So mark these dates on your calendar. Thursday, September 6. Each year this is one of my favorite days... the kickoff of the National Football League season. If you are a pro football fan, visit my blog on Fridays. (There will be no email alert on Fridays so you will have to remember on your own.) Each Friday,...
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What to do about business peaks and valleys.

I am always glad when we get into August. It means that I will hear clients talk less about business being slow. After working in the cosmetic dental and medical fields for a few years, I know that about the beginning of July, I will start to hear some nervous voices. I see the pattern each year and I try to remind my more long-term clients...I...
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Production Notes on The Cosmetic Channel™

We are in full swing in producing Season 1 of The Cosmetic Channel™. Every day I get questions about it from interested cosmetic dentists and cosmetic surgeons. We are holding off on revealing any footage while we allow the early pre-sale to continue, but here are some notes from the actual production files.Package prices have been...
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Fear, Branding and Avoiding The Money Pit

If you have experienced the money pit of branding, feel free to forgive yourself now. I give you permission. Yes, you fell for it. Yes, maybe you should not have followed the crowd. And, yes, you know a lot of people who made the same mistake. It is okay. If you haven’t forgiven yourself yet, do it now.I have posted it here before and...
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The Future of the Internet is now on CNN.

For anyone who doubts whether the time is now for video on the web, I have three words for you: This is CNN.Earlier this month, CNN unveiled its new web site. You get the latest news and video links at the top and all the news links that were previously in the main viewing area are at the bottom of the page... below the fold of the page....
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Price, A Thousand Words and The Cosmetic Channel™

There is a turf war going on in Dallas and I hear shots from all sides on the radio each day. There are four big LASIK docs in town. They all spend a fortune advertising on the radio, tv and newspaper each day. For about a month, all of the ads have been advertising the same benefit.That benefit is price... so everybody loses. I have...
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Synchronicity: The Police, The Cosmetic Channel™ and the 4th of July... Is there a connection?

Last night, 23 years of waiting came to an end for me as I saw The Police again. That is a long time to wait for your favorite band... but it was worth it. The show was a tight string of hits and recognizable songs from the band’s five albums. It was well worth it and I hope it is not the last time I see these guys play together. I...
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The wait is over!

For me, tonight will be a night 23 years in the making. Amy and I are on the floor for The Police in Dallas at American Airlines Center. If you are a huge Police fan like me, here is a movie recommendation for you. See if you can get your hands on a copy of Everyone Stares: The Police Inside Out. It is a documentary on the band that Stewart...For...
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Exclusive Annoucement about The Cosmetic Channel™

Okay... last week we did not have time to update The Cosmetic Channel™ landing page with details about the shows and episodes available. That did not stop several doctors and dentists from signing up for our early pre-sale special.So, here is a complete listing of the shows and episodes you can find on The Cosmetic Channel™ when it...
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Web Video The Cosmetic Channel™ FAQ

Last week’s response to our announcement of caused the biggest response to a product announcement in Dog Star Media history. As I predicted, this new web video service is going to be HUGE. Thanks to all the early adopters who have signed up already to be part of the first wave to introduce The Cosmetic Channel. (To...
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