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The Art and Science of Digital Marketing: Chapters 1-5

If you haven't already checked out some of the blogs in our new series, the Art and Science of Digital Marketing, you should! Digital marketing is an ever-evolving industry that requires both art and science to keep up with changes and succeed. Read it from the beginning or skip to the chapter that may help you with a challenge you are struggling with right now:

Chapter 1: Finding the Noise in Your Marketing 

This chapter focuses on helping you understand what noise is when it comes to communication and how to identify and eliminate as much of it as possible.

From the blog: "Noise slows the system in many ways. Fixing it means you earn more money. Challenge accepted?"

Chapter 2: Using Metrics as a Basis for Decision-Making 

This chapter focuses on using data-driven metrics instead of opinion when evaluating your marketing efforts. This is key to putting an end to the cycle of self-reinforcement that holds many business owners back from success.

From the blog: "Now, in the digital age, we have the ability to measure and evaluate the performance of creative work and strategies. This means rapid adjustment is possible if you are using facts to evaluate. This factor completely reframes what it means to be an expert."

Chapter 3: Why Design Matters 

This chapter focuses on the importance of design, not only when it comes to your website, but also when it comes to all aspects of your marketing and advertising efforts.

From the blog: "Good design engages people's senses. Bad design creates noise that makes it easy to not hear, see or pay attention to your ad. People simply turn the page on you."

Chapter 4: Ways We Don't Listen 

This chapter focuses on the traditional methods of listening to current and prospective clients' needs and wants along with using tools to "listen" digitally to how they're interacting with your website.

From the blog: "In the hands of an expert, today's analytics tools allow us to see where the exchange between your website and the website visitor breaks down. If your marketing program does not include acknowledgment of this 'friction,' it's like not listening to a prospective customer, only you're allowing that leakage to occur at a point where you have no conversation established, so the prospect just leaks through."

Chapter 5: Ways We Create Confusion 

This chapter focuses on having confidence in your message and building value in your services.

From the blog: "Fighting marketing peer pressure takes resolve and willingness to do better. If not, following the crowd will lead to discounted prices and a commoditized market for services."

If you're interested in learning more about the Dog Star Media strategy when it comes to digital marketing, reach out to us at helpme@dogstarmedia.com or give us a call at 214-654-9180. And be sure to stay tuned for the next installment in our Art and Science of Digital Marketing series.

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