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Valuable Advice: The Mark of Great Sales Experience


Win-win or no deal. That's the philosophy practiced by great salespeople and great business owners. If the transaction and service is not a good deal for both parties, why do it? Unfortunately, all of us have experienced the opposite in buying products and services. At Dog Star Media, win-win/no deal is the sales philosophy we teach clients and the way we operate our business.

The Valuable Advice: You trust the services you buy more if you feel like you have not been sold."Sold" implies that there was a winner and a loser. A great salesperson operates win/win or no deal.So, they are working with you to solve your problem.It's like a doubles tennis match, where you and the sales person are on the same side playing against the problem you want to solve.

Since this is a valuable advice blog about marketing, let's apply this to your shopping and purchases of marketing services and tools. You will likely have to deal with a salesperson, so let's start there.In larger organizations, salespeople serve the primary function of signing on new business. Depending on the organization, quotas and commissions can be involved. In smaller organizations, it is likely that the salesperson may know the products and services well, but they are not well trained in sales communications. In both of these cases, win-win/no deal may not describe how they operate. You may not realize how, or maybe you just have a feeling in your gut that something can't be trusted. So, how do you know you are dealing with a salesperson who is working with you, not against you to close a deal?

One word: Techniques. A sales or closing technique is a manipulation of a sales conversation to deemphasize the buyer's priorities and create urgency to close now.Common sales closing techniques are:

1) Language that creates false urgency.

2) Language that minimizes your process to understand how the product or service works.

3) Language that does not take your readiness to buy into consideration.

A closing technique is about getting you to commit, not necessarily helping you solve your problem. To illustrate, here is a good blog on nine popular closing techniques.

At Dog Star Media, most clients tell us when they are ready to sign on for products or services.We don't close with techniques. We approach finding new clients with a win-win/no deal approach. Very early on, we can tell if working with a prospective client would be a good deal for both parties. If it is, we engage in a conversation to help the prospective client gather all the information necessary to make the best decision for his or her business. If that decision is to not work with Dog Star Media, we are satisfied with the no deal because we appreciate the prospect did not see it as the best win-win for themselves.

The result, which is part of our win, is the trust we seek in a long-term client. Using closing techniques and an adversarial approach to sales poisons a relationship with distrust from the beginning. So, we avoid that by starting with a win-win/no deal approach from the beginning. This is a major reason why so many Dog Star Media clients have been with us for more than ten years.

If you are considering adding a marketing service and want doubles partner to help you work against the problem, please contact us here. 

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