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The Art and Science of Digital Marketing: Chapters 6-10

Our hottest blog series of the year, "The Art and Science of Digital Marketing," is in full swing! If you haven't had a chance to read it yet, you could be missing out on extremely valuable information to help your business's digital marketing strategy. Here's a brief summary of chapter six through 10 in case you only have time to read the ones you need most right now. But don't forget to go back and read the series starting from chapter 1 here when you get a chance!

Chapter 6: Sales Management to Reduce Noise

 This chapter focuses on the sales team (even if you don't officially have one) and sticking to three key priorities for success: establishing core principles and returning to them frequently; training; and monitoring.

From the blog: "When your practice and your sales people buy into core principles that are enabled by specific training, it gives your practice a sales structure. In other words, you have a framework for operations and for management."

Chapter 7: How We Misplace Our Message

This chapter focuses on understanding search engines and their ever-evolving algorithms so you can be sure your messages are being placed in the right areas and in front of the right people.

From the blog: "You have to ask yourself if your message is getting lost with all the changes in how rich content is now favored. This is a form of noise you can eliminate by adopting a content-first approach to online marketing."

Chapter 8: Using Video Properly

This chapter focuses on the importance of not only using video, but using it properly in terms of strategy and direction or production.

From the blog: "In a Facebook advertising strategy, you want to stop viewers, make an appeal using benefits and offer a call to action. We know from analyzing years of video watch statistics that the sweet spot for engaging a user with video is around 12 seconds. So, for a Facebook ad using video, we need to keep the appealing part to 12 seconds or less."

Chapter 9: Understanding Value (and Misunderstanding It)

This chapter focuses on using metrics to measure your digital marketing performance. Measuring clicks, calls and even behavior on your website are all vital parts to a successful digital marketing strategy.

From the blog: "With so many social media sites leading people to websites, content campaigns, videos, landing pages and more, there are countless permutations on a prospective patient's path from finding you to calling you. In our digital world, you can track the paths from each source in numerous ways that yield varying details."

Chapter 10: Removing Noise From Your Organic Search Strategy

This chapter focuses on strategies for optimizing your website and content for organic search engine ranking. It's both more complicated and simpler than you would think. Once you understand this, your entire digital marketing strategy will shift.

From the blog: "Here is all you have to know about determining the best organic search strategy. Think of the search engine like a successful business. They are doing everything they can to accomplish one thing: 'Give the people what they want!' How do they do that? They think like the consumer; in other words, your customer looking for you."

Do these chapters have you interested and curious for more? Check out our chapter one through five summary here or start from the beginning at chapter 1 here. For more information or to set up a free consultation with our team, call us today at 214-654-9180. 

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