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The Art and Science of Digital Marketing: Chapters 11-15

Have you checked out our blog series The Art and Science of Digital Marketing yet?! You'll find tons of valuable information to help you identify problems with your digital marketing strategy and apply our proven solutions to fix them and get you back on track. Catch up with Chapters 1-5 and Chapters 6-10 or skim through Chapters 11-15 right here and start where you most need help right now.

Chapter 11: Are You Adding Noise by Rushing Readiness?

This chapter focuses on: Taking into consideration both engagement and value when it comes to understating your audience, ad campaign and digital marketing strategy as a whole.

From the blog: "If you don't have the mindset as a client to play to your audience's readiness, you can inadvertently shut down the long-term conversions of a campaign. Why? Because the audience didn't respond immediately when you wanted them to do so. You're measuring success by your readiness for them to commit, not their readiness."

Chapter 12: Causing Noise by Doing Nothing

This chapter focuses on: Utilizing all the tools at your disposal to understand your customers and how they interact with your digital marketing elements, especially when it comes to your website.

From the blog: "Websites are exactly the same way, only when you do nothing to maintain your website, you begin to create noise in your sales and marketing pipeline. You may be doing a great job attracting people to your website, but without an up-to-date understanding of how visitors interact with your site, you're not doing your best to listen to their needs."

Chapter 13: Avoiding Noise in Your Video Strategy

This chapter focuses on: Using goals to establish strategy when it comes to your video efforts so you can have the most successful implementation of video to your digital marketing campaigns.

From the blog: "What do you want to accomplish with this video? Do you want to build reputation? Do you want to build trust in an audience? Do you want third-party validation or testimonials to strengthen reputation? Do you want to create value for your services? Each of these goals will lead you to strategies, and those strategies will lead you to different media and services. When you know the medium and the goal, you are ready to shoot video."

Chapter 14: How Inflexibility Creates Noise in Marketing

This chapter focuses on: Being open to new, innovative ideas and strategies when it comes to your digital marketing efforts. The industry is constantly evolving and you have to be open to change if you want to succeed.

From the blog: "If you don't regularly refresh your strategies and content, you get diminishing returns despite the same or greater investment in old reliable strategies. It's also why the healthiest marketing mindsets involve being open to evolution and change. Otherwise you're letting stagnation creep in, and that's adding noise where you want clarity."

Chapter 15: Noise in Your Website

This chapter focuses on: Problems with your website and how any issues or lack of updates can cause your digital marketing efforts to suffer greatly.

From the blog: "In our business, we hear it all the time: 'I'm not a technology person.' That's code for, 'I'm not sure how to take care of my website.' So, in layman's terms, here's what you need to know to make sure noise doesn't creep into your website."

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Chapter 16: The Customer’s Needs and Wants ... and...

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