Although content marketing is one of the most affordable and valuable forms of digital marketing, it's still one that business owners have a hard time understanding. We totally get why. As a form of marketing that doesn't have an immediate return on your investment, it can be difficult to understand how it benefits your business without seeing the dollar signs to back it up. Here's the thing: Content marketing is about building relationships and trust with current clients, potential clients and prospective clients.

Your Brand Is More Than Just a Website

Yes, your website is crucial to your online presence and the development of your brand. Without an efficient, modern website designed with data and function in mind, your digital marketing efforts won't be successful. However, there's more to your brand than just a website with some information on it for booking appointments.

How do people get to your website? What makes them want to stay on your website and continue exploring? How do they feel when they leave your website? Will they remember your brand?

These are all questions you should be asking yourself when developing a brand strategy, especially when it comes to your digital presence.

Content marketing can help answer all of these questions for you.

How Do People Get to Your Website?

The most obvious answer to this is through Google. Search engines are valuable tools to drive traffic to your website, but it takes strategy to rank well on search engines. Content marketing improves your site's ranking on a consistent basis and opens the door for even more topics and keywords to rank for.

What Makes Them Want to Stay There?

The bounce rate of your website is the amount of time someone stays on your site before leaving. If this number is low, chances are you aren't offering value to your visitors. Content marketing provides a wealth of knowledge and entertainment to enhance your website and keep visitors interested.

How Do They Feel When They Leave?

This is where the relationship-building comes into play. Each time a visitor to your site finds a blog or article that answers questions they may have or entertains them in some way, they leave feeling fulfilled, satisfied and maybe even interested in learning more about you.

Will They Remember Your Brand?

If you're providing consistent value in the form of informative, educational and entertaining blogs, chances are you have made a strong enough impression for that visitor to not only remember you, but also to seek you out when they want more or when they're ready to book a service you offer.

Even though it may take longer to see sales occur as a result of content marketing, we have data to prove that it not only increases your website traffic, but also leads to more clients over time. Those clients come to you more educated and informed as a result of the value you have provided them over time, making them better clients in the end.

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