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Does your web site content separate you from your competition? When we develop a new web site for a client, we make sure the content tells the client’s story in a new, interesting, engaging way. The content on your web site is vital to winning over prospective patients or customers, and it’s also an important factor in improving search engine rankings. Content is that important.

Not all web sites are created equal. Through improved content, you can add a major advantage to your web site. Interesting content engages site visitors, keeping them on your web site longer, building trust and establishing a connection. We are experts at developing such custom content for our clients, and we can do that for you.

Dog Star Media also offers premium content upgrades to tell your unique story in video, through customer or patient experiences. or through a unique method of storytelling specific to your practice or business. Premium content elevates your storytelling for maximum impact.

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Why Dog Star Media?

We are named after Sirius, The Dog Star, the brightest star in the southern sky. Ancient sailors used The Dog Star to navigate to fortune, then back home again. You can, too. We are your Dog Star.

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Responsive, Content Managed

Dog Star Media develops web sites that are both responsive and content managed. If your web site anything less, it is likely hurting your search rankings, causing your site content to be out of date and causing issues on mobile devices.

Responsive programming displays your web site content in an optimal presentation regardless of the device used to view your site. So, your site looks great on desktop, tablet and mobile devices. On a responsive site, there is no need for a mobile site. Responsive sites rate higher on search engines than non-responsive sites because search engines prioritize sites that have the best presentation. As mobile use of the web continues to grow, search engines know responsive sites offer mobile users the best presentations, thus benefitting responsive site rankings.

With a content manager, you can make changes to your web site easily, avoiding tech support costs when you need to update copy or pictures or if you want to add or delete pages. A content-managed site makes it easy to continually add content to your web site. This is a major factor in improving your web site’s search rankings as search engines favor sites with new, fresh, relevant content.

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Everything we do clarifies and educates. We call it The Dog Star Way.

The Dog Star Way employs metric sciences and an unwavering commitment to creative, win-win sales communications.

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Custom Design

All Dog Star Media web sites are custom designed based on a client’s unique qualities and preferences. With each design, we develop a distinct Image of Difference for each client. This is one way we can tell your story better… with design.

A web site’s design sets the tone and structure for a client‘s message and content. Every Dog Star Media designer has a degree in Fine Art, assuring that an artist with business experience in advertising designs each web site.

Utilizing each client as a resource for originality, our web site designers make each Dog Star Media site unique.  If your competition all seem to have similar looking web sites, Dog Star Media can make yours stand out and attract more visitors as they comparison shop. Dog Star Media design and content sets you up for successful web site User Experience statistics: increased number of pages visited, increased time on site and reduced bounce rate.

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Dog Star Media is a marketing and media company based in Dallas, Texas. We specialize in social media, search engine optimization, web design, video production and marketing. Contact us and find out how we can help your business.

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