Video in Social Media

Facebook posts with video have the highest degree of engagement. This is why it’s vital to tell your story with video in a social media content strategy: people watch more readily!

Dog Star Media has refined an elegant and effective video format for clients to build the added feature of premium video content into their social media content strategies. We conduct a closed-set video interview with our clients which yields 48 video clips of approximately a minute in length. The client‘s commentary is connected to the blog content in their weekly social schedule, so one video shoot creates nearly a year of video content. The video allows the client to tell his or her story first hand, giving a sense of personality and interest.

Clients adding this video premium content get a bigger reach on and more engagement on Facebook, adding to the audience-building effect of our social media content program. Plus, the professional, on-point expertise built in by Dog Star Media’s video production team, helps the client make the best possible impression online.

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Why Dog Star Media?

We are named after Sirius, The Dog Star, the brightest star in the southern sky. Ancient sailors used The Dog Star to navigate to fortune, then back home again. You can, too. We are your Dog Star.

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Video on Your Web Site

Four times as many people would rather watch a video about a product or service than read about it. That’s why the importance of using video on your web site continues to grow. Sure, you want to have great written content so your site is complete, clearly stated and searches well, but the practical fact is: you will keep your audience longer and make a deeper impression if your web content features video.

We recommend seamlessly integrated video that coordinates with a web site’s content, look and feel. Dog Star Media’s video experts develop video enhancements that maximize the expression of a client’s message. Through interviews, on-site video shoots and accurate storytelling techniques, we help clients tell their best, most engaging story on their web site using video.

Working with an experienced video producer pays off. Just because you can shoot video with an iPhone does not mean the content will be good. Working with experienced cinematographers, directors and editors makes a difference. We like to remind clients, too, that good video costs as much as bad video. Who you work with makes the difference as to how good your video will be. If you are ready for video, our experienced team is ready to help you maximize that

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Everything we do clarifies and educates. We call it The Dog Star Way.

The Dog Star Way employs metric sciences and an unwavering commitment to creative, win-win sales communications.

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Video to Tell Your Story

Dog Star Media emphasized a client’s Image of Difference. Sometimes that pertains to choosing an angle or writing style that makes the client more distinctive. Sometimes, that means asking interview questions that reveal more value about our client. Sometimes, it means telling their unique story in an entirely unique way.

Video is the most persuasive medium. By telling the story of your business on video, you can separate yourself more definitively from the competition. At Dog Star Media, we use practical guidelines to ensure that clients’ video has the best engagement. A Dog Star Media video is informative, interesting to watch, not too long to cause opt-outs and purposeful. We tell your story and it‘s a good story for video.

Dog Star Media produces custom video content for every client. There is a place in all online mediums for video that can tell your story appropriately. Youtube, your web site, your social media strategies… each of these mediums can play a vital role in your marketing. Dog Star Media is ready to help you do that with expert video production.

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Dog Star Media is a marketing and media company based in Dallas, Texas. We specialize in social media, search engine optimization, web design, video production and marketing. Contact us and find out how we can help your business.

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