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Content – Words, Pictures, Video

We tell our clients to expect interested, local traffic driven to their web site from a social medium.  Anything less might accomplish some minor goals but that sets the bar too low.  We’ve never had online marketing tools like Facebook before, so it’s time to expect more.  That’s what Dog Star Media’s Social Media Program is based on content.

Content can be words, photos or video.  On social mediums, the more interesting your content, the better the engagement when matched with an interested audience.  Our program starts with developing content of your practice that begins on your web site, extends to social media, then leads interested Facebook users back to your web site.  If all that writing sounds difficult, it is!  We are experts in the dental and medical fields and are full of ideas.  It‘s why our program works.

Our standard program includes blogs, photos and Facebook content that engage interested Facebook users.  Our goal is to bring those users off Facebook onto your web site where you are no longer fighting for attention with anyone else.  This process builds name recognition, brand and a steady flow of increasingly interested traffic to your web site.  (And, the blog content improves your organic Search Engine Optimization as a collateral benefit.)

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Why Dog Star Media?

We are named after Sirius, The Dog Star, the brightest star in the southern sky. Ancient sailors used The Dog Star to navigate to fortune, then back home again. You can, too. We are your Dog Star.

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Finding and Hitting the Target

For more than fifteen years, Dog Star Media has been an expert in database marketing. In the history of business, marketers have never had a tool like Facebook. It is sticky, meaning people stay on it and return to it frequently. It is interactive, meaning we get feedback. And most of all, Facebook is a database with users constantly updating and refining their likes and preferences. As a marketing tool, Facebook makes it easy for marketers to use that data to match content with interested users.

Using Facebook’s targeting feature called “boosting,” we can match content we create with an interested audience. This is how we maintain a high volume of local interested targets engaged. Anyone can boost, but Dog Star Media’s expertise in intuitive boosting allows us to maximize the effect of a boosted post. That intelligence is the real value that makes our program work so well.

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Everything we do clarifies and educates. We call it The Dog Star Way.

The Dog Star Way employs metric sciences and an unwavering commitment to creative, win-win sales communications.

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Social Media Advertising

Advertising on Social Media uses the same marketing tools but it conducted differently. For starters, unlike content marketing, ads are specifically focused on a value and call to action. The expectation for an ad is much different than a content strategy. For clients who want to add a more direct response aspect to their social media programs, we offer Facebook Advertising.

Facebook ads use the same targeting features as boosting, thus allowing our clients to leverage our vast expertise in intuitive market profiling. Ads are different from content in that they are pointing users directly to some sort of order. An emerging market segment is getting increasingly comfortable buying on Facebook, however. That behavior is likely influenced by how easy Facebook makes it to order or buy.

Facebook ads are a great supplement to our Social Media Content Strategy as they offer a more direct approach. Our content program develops a steady flow of better prospects, while an ad campaign will get responses from those who are ready for more now. Adding a Facebook Ad program as a supplement to our Social Media Content strategy, covering all bases in the best ways to market on social media

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Dog Star Media is a marketing and media company based in Dallas, Texas. We specialize in social media, search engine optimization, web design, video production and marketing. Contact us and find out how we can help your business.

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