Basis in New Content

The first step in our SEO strategy is to make sure that all your pages are optimized for search.  With that complete, we proceed to our monthly content-based activities to increase your site relevance.  Each month, we add new content to your web site blog, the number of blogs depends on your program level.  We recommend at least two new blogs per month.

The blogs we write for clients are optimized, adding new, optimized content to our SEO clients’ web sites each month.  Topics for our new content are influenced by client preferences.  Each month your site grows in size, optimized content and relevance.

Why do we focus on new content instead of a constant refining of keywords?  This Google software engineer explains it all.

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Why Dog Star Media?

We are named after Sirius, The Dog Star, the brightest star in the southern sky. Ancient sailors used The Dog Star to navigate to fortune, then back home again. You can, too. We are your Dog Star.

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Syndication Strategy

The new content we write for our SEO strategy is formatted like a news article, quoting the doctor or client as an expert. This format enables us to syndicate clients’ blogs to credible news outlets online. These syndicators and news outlets constantly seek a variety of qualified content to offer their site visitors. 

When a syndicator places your content, news site visitors click through to your web site to read your blog.  Depending on the level of syndication you select, hundreds of new visitors come to your web site from credible news sites such as,,, and more.

Increased traffic from these sites helps boost your relevance in search engine algorithms. Additionally, since this traffic links to you from other highly trafficked sites, your domain authority is positively impacted, raising the value of all your pages to search engines.

The combination of the new content, new traffic and heightening of domain authority affects all the pages of your web site. Instead of struggling to raise on page on a particular keyword, we impact the entire site with our content strategy, raising the overall traffic as each page becomes more relevant in search.

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Everything we do clarifies and educates. We call it The Dog Star Way.

The Dog Star Way employs metric sciences and an unwavering commitment to creative, win-win sales communications.

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Measuring Results

A major difference between Dog Star Media and technical SEO companies is how we measure success. Technical-based SEO companies bury their clients in detailed reports about the action and reaction to their work measured in incremental movement on keywords. That kind of report justifies their work, but how important is that these days?

Dog Star Media is a marketing company, so we look at the stats that matter: Web site traffic, channel traffic and user experience statistics. In other words, we translate our work into value for the client using metrics that matter to the client. Because what do you really want to know? Are we getting more traffic and is it converting?

Our SEO program’s multiple effects drive more traffic to your web site and this is how we report to our clients. This is a major way Dog Star Media is different from our competitors.

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Dog Star Media is a marketing and media company based in Dallas, Texas. We specialize in social media, search engine optimization, web design, video production and marketing. Contact us and find out how we can help your business.

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