Waterfall Method Vs Lean Method

In the past, all the focus was placed on the process. One with a steady flow of production traveling slowly between milestones. Today, what matters most is being fast and flexible in order to move quickly with the changing tides.

The Waterfall Method

The Waterfall Method has been around for decades. It truly is the original website design process and like many originals, has not evolved to keep up with the changing times. In this process, progress flows in one direction through phases from concept to launch. The website is not launched until it has gone through every step of the plan and every single person involved in the production has checked off their approval.

Here’s the problem with this: when the site is launched, only then can we observe the traffic on the page. We can watch how visitors interact with each element and see what’s working and what isn’t. This is where it gets tricky. Because so much time and effort is spent on custom coding and creating the perfect website BEFORE any interaction is observed, making changes to actually make the website successful is often expensive, time-consuming and even avoided completely. What you’re left with is a website that looks nice but doesn’t make you any money by converting visitors to clients or sales.

The Lean Method

At Dog Star Media, we believe the Lean Method is the future of successful, responsive websites that convert. The biggest difference with the Lean Method is that we create a beautiful, modern website that is finished in only weeks compared to the months and months it takes to launch a website using the Waterfall Method. After launch, we use our incredible technology to observe traffic and strategize how to make your website convert as many visitors as possible. Then, we make the changes that need to be made quickly and efficiently.

Bonus: Because we create your website within a flexable fraimwork, making changes is easy for someone without web design experience, as well.

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