Dr. Johnson said:

“Dog Star has opened up the area of social media for us and helped keep it affordable.  They have also taken the guesswork out of much of our marketing and helped us measure to see what works and improve all of our outreach.  I appreciate their expertise and professionalism.”

Bill Johnson, MD
Bill Johnson, MD’s Innovation Stem Cell practice has seen a tremendous surge in stem cell consults in January and February of 2017 and a corresponding increase in billings resulting from those consults.  In late summer 2016 when Dr. Johnson came to us, he presented an interesting and complicated problem: His stem cell practice’s web site had good traffic, much of which originated outside the Dallas area.  Complicating matters further, Dr. Johnson indicated that a strong majority of his consult inquiries came from outside the Dallas/Fort Worth market.  This factor reduced the likelihood of a prospect becoming a patient.  We were challenged to find a local market for Innovations Stem Cell services.


1 Social Media Blog / Month
1 SEO Article / Month



Local Visits

By focusing on the best practices recommended in our programs, Dr. Johnson began both our Content-based SEO and Social Media services.  In the two months prior to beginning service, Innovations Stem Cell local Dallas-area traffic measured 196 visits in August 2016 and 180 visits in September 2016.  In the five months Innovations Stem Cell has been in our programs, local Dallas area traffic has increased to an average of 267 visits per month, an average increase of 71 visits per month.



On the surface, that roughly 37% increase over the previous norm of approximately 190 local visits may seem acceptable, but it does not explain the following result:

Innovations Stem Consults:

May-June 2013: 20

May-June 2014: 31

May-June 2016: 25

Jan-Feb 2017: 49

Consults doubled in Jan/Feb 2017 from the normal expected total, even despite the termination of a supporting $6000/month Google Adwords campaign. The drastic jump in consults following five months of best practices with content marketing is explained by the effect our work had on Innovations Stem Cell’s local organic search.  Dr. Johnson had been diligent about adding content to the Innovations Stem Cell web site, but that content had been undirected to create the proper relevance with search engines to increase local searches.  The increase in new content and the local syndication and boosting raised the site’s relevance in all related searches.  This lead to more local organic search traffic.  This is an example of how commitment to best practices in all area of the web site results in better local search results as half Dr. Johnson’s new efforts were directed at social media, not search engines.  This is why we recommend all best practices.


In July 2016, Innovations Stem Cell had 86 local organic searches.  That was despite total traffic of 2385 visitors that month.  It is widely accepted that the best quality web site visits come from organic search.  So, where strong traffic is impressive and strong local traffic is better, strong local search traffic gives a practice the best chance to find new patients.  Statistics show that in the last five months, Innovations Stem Cell received an average of 159 local Dallas searches each month, an average of 58 more than the previous norm of about 90.  That average of 59% in local search traffic explained the drastic jump in consults and new business.

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