As a business owner, your days are consumed with the day-to-day tasks of managing a business. Although you try to take the time you need to stay up to date with changes and advances in technology, especially when it comes to the digital world, you may always feel a step behind. When having a website was no longer just a leg up but a necessity for businesses that wanted to be successful, you jumped right in. Now, you keep seeing all this stuff about a business blog. You may be asking yourself, Why in the world would my practice need a blog? Let’s look at a few big reasons why a business blog is a no-brainer.


A good business, no matter its size, understands the importance of branding. Setting your business apart from the competition and connecting with your consumers is essential. A blog allows you a direct way to communicate with your current customers and your prospective customers. It gives you a place to discuss what makes your practice or office different, what makes your approach to your industry unique and why consumers should choose you. Yes, you can do this on your website, but a blog gives you a bigger space to explore these topics and a chance to talk about them in unique ways.

Digital Marketing Connection

There’s no one solution to digital marketing. For a digital marketing strategy to be successful, it must be executed in several parts working together. In most cases, the best strategies include website development, SEO, social media and, you guessed it, blogging. A blog with consistently written new content is great for SEO and is a wonderful source of new original content to be shared on social media, which brings consumers back to your website. 

Industry Authority 

One of the biggest considerations a consumer makes when choosing a doctor, practice or other professional service is the perception of experience and expertise that doctor or practice has. Blog content and syndicated articles help you establish a strong foundation on which to display your intelligence, experience and authority on the topics that matter most in your industry. It will also give consumers a place they know and can trust to find answers to the questions they find themselves struggling with.

The benefits of a well-established blog are endless when it comes to community building, marketing and business growth. If you’ve been thinking about how a blog could help your company, but you aren’t sure where to start, call us today at 214-654-9180 or email us at Our content marketing specialists will help you determine which marketing strategies you would benefit from the most.