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Why a #1 Ranking is Not Always the Best SEO Strategy

Most business owners don’t know much about SEO, but they do know that it has something to do with being the top result when someone searches online for something related to your industry. For years business owners have been told that the only way to be successful is attaining that top ranking, and yet it’s always felt so out of reach.

The bottom line is that it’s felt out of reach because, in most situations, it is. For many small to medium-sized businesses, the budget necessary to compete with the big players in their industry means they aren’t going to be able to attain that ranking in a way that provides value.

Sometimes, smooth-talking digital marketers can make big promises to business owners that they simply can’t deliver on. Chasing something like a No. 1 ranking in a highly sought after keyword category just doesn’t make sense for owners of most small and medium-sized businesses. And if someone has promised you that, run!

Even Google explicitly states on its consumer guide to search engine optimization: "No one can guarantee a #1 ranking on Google."

Google takes into consideration hundreds of different factors when determining rankings. Not to mention, the algorithm changes constantly, and practices that once saw great results even just five years ago are no longer productive. Optimizing for search engines is a process and not something that happens overnight, no matter the claims made by countless websites promising a No. 1 ranking in 30 days.

At Dog Star Media, our strategies have adapted to the way people use search engines today, and we show our clients a way to get an amazing amount of traffic using other avenues. Our SEO strategy focuses on metadata, content and domain authority.


Metadata is the behind-the-scenes language used to communicate information with search engines. This includes things like the meta title, meta description, meta keywords and more. Optimizing these meta tags are essential to a good SEO strategy.


We add content to your site on a monthly basis. This means your page is seen as relevant, timely and of value to consumers. Consistent, original content is one of the best ways to drive traffic to your site.

Domain Authority 

Domain authority is a measure of how well your website will likely rank on search engines. Using Dog Star Media’s SEO strategy, your site will become more relevant, interesting and important in the eyes of the search engines that are ranking your site.

If you’ve been promised things that sound way too good to be true and are looking for an agency that doesn’t make promises it can’t keep, call us today at 214-654-9180 or send us an email at helpme@dogstarmedia.com. To see how we’ve helped other business owners just like you, take a look at our work here.


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