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New Parallax Websites Launched!

When someone sees a Parallax web site for the first time, the reaction is always the same: they want one for their business. In January, Charlie Patric, our Art Director wrote a blog about design trends for 2014. Parallax web sites topped the list and since then, all but a handful of designs selected by our clients have been parallax sites.

Earlier this month, we launched two new Parallax sites for two of our clients: David Hendrick, MD and Martin Abelar, DDS. Parallax sites by Dog Star Media are both content managed and responsive. Parallax, content managed, responsive… that means our sites are state-of-the-art. Parallax sites have so many advantages for site optimization and for cultivating a better user experience. But, after a year, the big attraction to Parallax design is the exciting graphic presentation and 3D feel. Parallax designs are just more fun and exciting to view and that’s the best reason to choose it for your next redesign.

Parallax designs take a negative perception about web sites, namely a long scrolling page, and make it into a dramatic positive. Parallax web sites scroll graphically, creating a 3-D effect and giving important points their own space in the big picture. This sort of scrolling is popularly accepted now thanks to the prevalent use of smartphones and tablets. Clearly, Parallax has more than a foothold as the next generation of web design. How do you know? Design companies are adopting it and so did we. You can see our new Parallax front page at dogstarmedia.com.

If you know you need a new web site, make it Parallax. And, yes, as usual, Dog Star Media has a year-end special. We will mark out next two web sites down by $1500. If you’re accountant just told you that you need to make a capital expense before the year is out, why not make it a Parallax web site.

If you are ready to discuss improving your web site and how it is found in search engines, please email me at donald@dogstarmedia.com.

Web Design Trends for 2015
New Web Sites By Dog Star Media

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