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Is It Time to Update Your Website?

In a world of constant communication via the internet, it’s not enough anymore to just have a website. Your website is a window into your practice that lets consumers see why they should pick you over everyone else. It’s a chance to connect and close the deal by bringing what you have to offer front and center on a potential client’s phone or computer screen. If you’ve been wondering how your website stacks up to the competition or if it’s time for an update, ask yourself these questions:

Does your website transition seamlessly from desktop to mobile?

According to researcher comScore, 71% of time spent online in the United States is spent on a mobile device, and those numbers are going up all the time. In fact, 25% of American internet users only use a mobile device to get online. If your website isn’t optimized for mobile, you’re missing out on a lot more of your potential audience than you may realize.

Do your analytics show a high bounce rate?

If your potential customers aren’t spending much time on your website and seem to navigate away quickly, that usually means there’s a problem. User experience is a huge deal with such an oversaturated market on the internet. If your website isn’t visually pleasing and easy to navigate, there’s really no point in even having it.

Is the design enticing and does it elicit an emotional response?

Everything from the colors and graphics, to the words you choose to showcase, should connect with consumers on an emotional level. Are you cutting edge and at the forefront of technology? They should feel that when they look at your site. Are you staple of the community and trustworthy? That should come across in your design.

Are you so proud of it you love to share it with anyone who is interested?

Your website is a labor of love, and at the end of the day, you should love it so much that you can’t wait to show it off! If you’re struggling with the right design and message you want to send to your potential clients or you are concerned your site might be outdated, and out of touch, Dog Star Media can help. Check out some of our work here or give us a call today at 214-654-9180 to discuss how we can help you give your website a facelift!

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