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Increasing Word-of-Mouth Referrals

Any doctor or dentist will agree that word of mouth and direct referrals result in the best patients. They come in with the best attitudes, already somewhat assured of the value the practice offers in both treatment and experience. And why not? Someone from their community of influencers told them so.

This is exactly why social media and content marketing is the top way to build an audience to bring in new patients. All of the above it true. You believe it and so do I. So, what is different these days? The community of influencers has changed to include online social interactions, not just friends, family and neighbors. As the community of influencers has changed, it has opened up new opportunities to create a new word of mouth.

When you generate content (either blogs, videos or otherwise), you begin a conversation. A qualified marketing company like Dog Star Media matches that conversation with interested social media users and ... BAM! A new community of like-minded influencers is born. Your content initiates the process and you take an informed and leading position. I tell my clients to think of social media as a huge cocktail party. It’s our job to make you the most interesting person there, so others will gravitate toward your conversation.

The old word of mouth made for the best referrals. We can simulate that in this new community online using content marketing. Here is what David Buck, DDS, in Lynnwood, Washington, had to say about the quality of leads that came from Dog Star Media content marketing on Facebook:

"The social media program Dog Star Media has created for me has the highest levels of engagement I have ever witnessed in my many years of Internet marketing. This form of marketing cuts through the noise and is tailored to a very carefully chosen demographic ready to hear the message. As a result, traffic and time on the website has spiked and stayed consistent for months. This in turn has generated an immense credibility factor when patients call to schedule. I have never seen such well-qualified and pre-disposed patients who are ready to accept care. My job at that point is to be genuine and listen - they accept my care period!"


Why does this happen?  By continually presenting content to a market we can identify as interested, trust and value is built up as the audience becomes comfortable with your content, website and message. The above result occurs when the content on your site and social media speaks to an interested audience. It’s exactly like the word-of-mouth, first-person referrals you already believe in, only there is more volume and we can control the message and the environment. 


The practices using this strategy are out in front. If you want to catch up, you only need to make one realization: the bigger community of influencers is on social media.


We can help you!  If you want more, better-qualified new patients for your practice, contact me at Donald@dogstarmedia.com and we can talk about how to get you there.

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