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Facebook Ads for Medical and Dental Practices

If your medical or dental practice hasn't expanded your marketing efforts to include Facebook ads, you're missing out on a HUGE opportunity! Healthcare Innovation's data show that more than 75 percent of patients use online reviews as a primary evaluation method when deciding on a new health care provider and there are over 2 billion active monthly users on Facebook.

Your Audience Is on Facebook

If you're still not sure why you need Facebook ads, let's think for a second about what you see in your waiting room. If you're at the office right now, walk out there and take a peek. Do you notice your patients flipping through magazines and watching TV? A few of them, maybe. But it's safe to assume that probably half, if not more, of them are staring at their phones. Watch how their fingers are moving up and down: They're scrolling. What are they scrolling through? Facebook and Instagram! And yes, even your oldest clients are likely on Facebook. The data doesn't lie.

Facebook Ads Are Cheaper than Traditional Marketing

Facebook ads are one of the most affordable advertising options today. According to Lyfe Marketing, the CPM, or cost per thousand impressions, for a Facebook ad is on average $2.50 versus direct mail, which comes in at $57 per thousand impressions, and broadcast television, which costs on average $28 per thousand impressions. Combine this knowledge with the fact that you know your audience is constantly on social media, not necessarily watching broadcast television or saving their mailers anymore, and it's hard to see any logical reason why you wouldn't want to start running Facebook ads if you aren't already.

Facebook Ads Give You Options

Are you trying to drive more traffic to your practice's website? Or are you looking for people in your community who are interested in teeth whitening or your in-house insurance plan? Facebook ads give you the option to drive more users to your website, increase the number of likes on your Facebook page or even collect emails and phone numbers from potential future clients. Our agency has experience in running different goal-oriented Facebook ads and getting results for our clients. One of our most recent campaigns for a dental practice brought in over 60 leads for only $5 a lead for an in-house dental savings plan. That provider and their team were given the email, phone number and first and last names of all leads to close as potential future clients and add to all their email marketing campaign databases.

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