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Cut Cost and Boost Online Visibility. (Yes, you read that right.)

If you are used to spending large and uncertain amounts of marketing dollars each month on search engine ad words or social media ads, Dog Star Media recommends you consider a content-based strategy. In the hands of an expert, boosting, or content promotion, on Facebook delivers a remarkably high value with shockingly low costs. However, to make the most of content promotion, a business has to make the leap from the old way of marketing online to the new way of marketing online.


The Old Way: Pay competitively for placement at the well-stocked fishing hole of search engines. After all, everyone uses search engines. Right? Well... not really. Consumers are trending away from using search engines and its easy to find a study that will tell you that search engine visitors skip the ads. Most people prefer an organic result to a paid result.


The New Way: Pay to place your interesting content on a social medium right in the mainstream flow of a person’s interests. By the way, each person who sees your content is matched to it based on his or her interest and that person’s search history. Facebook knows what you like and want. You can access that by boosting.


Facebook calls this Boosting. Boosting combines all the benefits of database marketing and advertising. As an expert in database marketing, Dog Star Media hits amazingly precise targets each day using Facebook‘s boosting feature. For example, for our clients marketing orthodontics, we can separate a local audience of women from a local audience of women with teenage children. (There’s not a button for that; we do that with intuitive expertise.) For our surgeons, we can separate men and women who spend time in the sun from those who do not. With Facebook’s database, we can really thread the needle!


While it is true that the mode of a search engine user is more deliberate, the goal of paid search is to get you interested clicks to your website. That is, if the price is right, the competition is not overwhelming, and your website rating is not limiting your exposure. The more businesses competing for a keyword, the higher the cost on the term becomes, too. To go along with the high cost, there is a lot of uncertainty. For what? Clicks to your website.


In a proper content boosting strategy, you get a lot of clicks, too. For as little as a $30/week boosting budget, many Dog Star Media clients get hundreds of clicks from Facebook each month!


Now the big questions:


Why is the boosting cost so low?


A boosted post shares content; it is not an ad based around a call to action or an expectation of turning up a sale. A call to action can be added, but a Learn More button below the content is much more friendly in a social environment than a headline that screams BUY NOW! The purpose in content marketing is distribution, so the tone is different and more appealing.


Why does boosting generate so many clicks?


What do you do on Facebook when you see something you like? You click on it! Other people do that, too!


Why does it work?


As the world’s most popular social network with more than 1.79 billion users worldwide, Facebook is the primary portal to the Internet for a huge number of people. With 1.5 billion mobile users, a quick check of Facebook is easy from almost anywhere. The average Facebook user checks in seventeen times each day. In a nutshell, Facebook is how a growing number of users see the Internet. Boosting content is simply going where the audience is.


And the way Dog Star Media does it; boosted content creates clicks to your website. Remember clicks... the reason you buy AdWords...


How about a change in 2017? The conversation online has shifted. Why not shift with it to make your marketing more effective. Contact me today me today at Donald@dogstarmedia.com and we can talk about boosted content can work for your practice.

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