Donald Griswold is the President and owner of Dog Star Media. For more than twenty-five years, Donald has worked with small businesses and their owners offering practical, affordable marketing solutions. For more than fifteen years, Dog Star Media has worked with elective medical and dental practices. In that time, mediums and marketing tools hav...e evolved, but the limiting factors remain the same: noise, friction and leakage. In this blog series, Donald goes into depth in explaining how business owners... doctors and dentist in particular... can learn to spot these issues and work to eliminate them. More

Chapter 2: Using Metrics as a Basis for Decision-Making

There are plenty of starting points when addressing the issue of noise in your marketing efforts. I like to start with a concept that makes the most impact on all aspects of your marketing: Metrics. Using metrics for decision-making may seem like an obvious practice, but in most cases, this one idea challenges business owners on several core habits...
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Chapter 1: Finding the Noise in Your Marketing

I've focused my new blog series on connecting doctors and dentists with the No. 1 concept required to successfully market a specialized medical or dental practice: Eliminating Noise. So, let's talk about noise. I'm sorry to inform you that it's deceptively present in every aspect of your business. Noise is anything that slows, stops or confuses you...
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