Before After: Two words that are the key to successful marketing in 2014

What’s the best way to tell the story of your practice?   The answer to this question can make a huge difference in how successfully you market your practice in the coming year.

 The answer: The life-changing work you do for your patients.  If you are telling your story any other way, you are not conveying the full impact...

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New Web Site by Dog Star Media

Congratulations to Ryan Mitchell, MD in Las Vegas on the launch of his new, redesigned web site. 

The site is a responsive, content managed web site built to Dr. Mitchell’s very specific aesthetic requirements.  The result is an alluring presentation that is suited to compete in the Las Vegas market.  As a responsive site, Dr....

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Feel Like No One is Listening?

The third Guiding Principle in our Virtual Sales Manager program is The Art of Listening.    We all know listening is a skill that requires patience.  Many people can become somewhat successful at their jobs without being great listeners but the only way to truly excellent performance in sales is through listening.  And,...

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Budgeting for 2014

November is budgeting month for most of our clients.   We have some great tips on how to proceed in budgeting for your needs in 2014 so you make the most of the upcoming year.

1)  If you didn’t redesign your web site in 2013, you probably don’t have a responsive web site.  This is the currently the standard for web...

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Building Value is Not Optional

 There are 5 Guiding Principles in our Virtual Sales Manager program.  Last week, I wrote a blog on the #1 Guiding Principle: Being Genuine and Authentic.  If you’ve established trust by being genuine, you are in the best position to build value.  And, that is where any conversation about your services needs to be.


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The Importance of Being Genuine and Authentic

There are 5 Guiding Principles in our Virtual Sales Managers program and chief among them is Being Genuine and Authentic.  This principle is essential to every other behavior and attitude recommended in our program.   Especially in elective surgery and dentistry, people buy on trust and the core of trust is authenticity.

I know what...

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The Market has Changed, Have You?

Price-sensitive shoppers and increased competition have finally turned the aesthetic medical market into a traditional marketplace.  The Recession and the explosion of competitors and new procedures offering similar benefits has created the perfect storm to confuse practices who remember “the good old days” from the last decade...

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Why Reviews Impact Your Business

We all know online reviews are having a big impact on our businesses... but why?  To answer that question, you also have to ask, why is word of mouth so effective?

Online reviews are like word of mouth.  Only an online review has the potential to do broad and lasting good or damage, depending on the content.   To get to the...

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Fairness in Online Reviews

I‘ve seen some recent articles published that show that a growing number of consumers are beginning to think online reviews are not accurate and are unfair.  Other 2013 studies show that consumers are relying increasingly on online reviews in their decision making.  Taking both of these factors into consideration shows the huge...

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New Web Site by Dog Star Media

Congratulations to Lawrence Desjarlais, MD in Michigan on the launch of his new web site at  

This custom designed web site has Dr. Desjarlais‘ personal touch on look and feel.  All Dog Star Media sites are custom designed for the client‘s tastes.  This site is content-managed allowing Dr....

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When Your Marketing Fails

Where do you point the finger when your marketing fails? If you are a cosmetic dental or medical practice, chances are you are not even looking in the right direction. Brace yourself... the biggest area of failure is probably occurring in your sales communications.

My 18 years of marketing experience tells me there are two kinds of small...

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Social Media Impact on SEO

We are making a change in our Social Media program to benefit your search engine rankings.  That’s right... social media and SEO in one sentence.   Actually, that‘s good especially if you are in both of our programs.

The change we are making is to link more content back to our clients’ web sites from their social...

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New Web Site by Dog Star Media

Congratulations to Greg Stagnone, MD and his team at The Plastic Surgery Center of Dallas on the launch of their new web site Dr. Stagnone’s new site was built with many considerations in mind including protecting his valuable search engine rankings, including his #1 ranking on the term Cosmetic Surgery Dallas,...

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Closed Loop Marketing and Your Missed Calls.

Closed Loop Marketing is a method of marketing that traces productivity and conversions from the point of first contact all the way through the closure of a sale. It requires specific technologies and... now here is the hard part... specific management and supervision to make corrections and adjustments to improve using the data that is generated.


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New Web Sites by Dog Star Media

Congratulations to three of our most loyal clients on the recent redesigns of their web sites.  They are:

David Buck, DDS, Seattle, WA:

Jay Appurao, MD, Lafayette, LA:

Carlos Pou, MD, San Juan, Puerto Rico:

Each redesigned their sites to support changes...

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A Lesson about Search Rankings

I’ve said it many times in this blog but SEO (Search Engine Optimization) can be confusing and therefore can often be sold in a smokescreen. Our program at Dog Star Media focuses on traffic because that is what matters to you. It is also the one thing you cannot replicate or falsify or mask the lack of when it comes to search engines. ...

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Bad Review? Be Positive, Not Negative.

When you get a bad review on a public review site, it has numerous possible effects. Most people spend their energy being angry and offended at the bad review and they try to get it removed, which is a futile effort. Review sites will not take down reviews they deem legitimate, regardless of opinion.  The trick is fight it with positive...

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So, What is Essential to Marketing a Small Business

Dog Star Media offers four Essential Marketing Programs that form the basis of a solid marketing strategy for a small business, specifically a cosmetic medical or dental practice. The Essential Programs are:

Search Engine Optimization - SEO is one of the most misunderstood and therefore underutilized ways to promote your web site. Our SEO program...

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Another New Web Site by Dog Star Media

Congratulations to School Spirit Pays on the launch of their new web site this week.   The new site is a redesign by Dog Star Media and is designed in our recommended content manager software, Joomla. takes advantage of some of the many extensions we can build into a Joomla site.  On the front page you can see...

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New Web Site by Dog Star Media

Congratulations to Carlos Pou, MD on the launch of his newly re-designed web site. This cleaner, updated look for his cosmetic surgery practice in Puerto Rico is the cornerstone in his all-encompassing online marketing strategy that includes direct marketing, search engine optimization and a social networking strategy.

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