New Web Design by Dog Star Media

Congratulations to Dr. Jack Peterson from Topeka, Kansas on the launch of his new web site!  Fully updated, this responsive web site features Dr. Peterson’s plastic surgery practice in a parallax design. This new refresh tells Dr. Peterson‘s story to web visitors in an all-new way.Dr. Peterson has integrated SEO and Social Media...

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How to Evalute Social Media

Dog Star Media’s Patient Transformations Social Program is redefining how we look at value from social media programs. Most social media programs are focused on getting you “likes’ or followers.  And, yes, that is a way of measuring productivity in Social Media.  Getting “likes” is a 2013 social strategy....

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3 Obvious Reasons You Need a New Web Site

Most business owners order a new web site because they get tired of the look, think it’s outdated or feel embarrassed when they see a competitor with a superior look and feel. So, yes, wanting a new web site is an emotional decision. At Dog Star Media, we understand that, but there are other more practical reasons why you should refresh your...

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Have a professional credibility gap? Use the “Seinfeld” Test.

Let‘s say you have the perfect marketing plan… right… because you do. If everything works perfectly, there are still a critical place online where the process can break down completely: Review sites. Now you have a credibility gap and a huge problem.An increasing number of people rely on review web sites as part of their...

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New Web Site from Dog Star Media

Dog Star Media is proud to reveal the new web site for The Academy of Biomimetic Dentistry.  The ABD is a new, growing organization of dentists who have adopted recent breakthroughs in tooth-conserving dentistry.  If you are a dentist, you should check this out!

The web site we built for the ABD is designed to expand along with their...

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No Reviews = Bad Reviews

Are you a lucky doctor that has no negative reviews on pubic review sites?   Because, you know, those bad reviews can really hurt you.  Bad reviews take one person’s bad experience (justified or not) and put it under a huge magnifying glass for the whole Internet to see.  Sure, that leaves a direct bad impression.  But,...

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Where is the value in social media marketing?

How do you measure your success or value in your social media marketing?  This has been the question most small business owners have been trying to answer for about two years now.  Is there value in social content posts?  Is there value in Likes?  How do you turn content and likes into value that really counts?

Good questions.&nb...

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72% more web visits in two weeks

The first statistics from Dog Star Media’s new Patient Transformation Social Media Program are in today and our clients are thrilled!   So are we!  Only two weeks into the program and participating clients are measuring a shocking 72% increase in web site visits from the previous two-week period.

 You want to know how and...

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How Are You Different?

How are you different from your competitors?  Is it your skills and education?  Is it the results you give you patients?  Is it how you treat patients?  Do you offer a superior patient experience?  Is it all of the above?  Or are you just like all of your competitors, separated only by price?

Of course you are...

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A Guide for Rating Your Social Media Content

It’s 2014 and we are all familiar and fairly comfortable with Social Media.  So, now, the separation begins.  There will be those who know how to use social content to be really productive and those that spin their wheels, putting in time, money and effort with no value back.

Want to evaluate your Social Media strategy and content?&n...

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Channel Marketing and Power UPs

Today’s marketing metrics allow us to measure a variety of responses divided by channel.  While segmentation and metrics have always been important factors in marketing, tools are improving to allow us to understand better the responses that come in from various channels.

In the case of a cosmetic surgical or dental practice or a small...

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New Social Media Program: Patient Transformations!

Dog Star Media is proud to present Patient Transformations, an all-new Social Media program that tells your story on social media through your patients‘ success stories.  This new program combines several principles that grow a social following and benefit the optimization of your web site. 

It all starts with your patients.  O...

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Web Trends

Rolling into 2014, we’re keeping an eye on what’s hot in web design.  The biggest driver of new web site design is Responsive Design because it eliminates mobile surfing issues and streamlines adding new content to all presentations of a web site.  But, right behind that is the desire for a tired, old site to look new and...

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Web Design Trends for 2014

Web Trends:


Large Hero areas killing sliders - Large photos at the top of websites that take up the entire screen when your website loads with minimal text are a trend we do not see going away in 2014. They take up real estate where sliders used to be located. Weather its blurred image in with a heading centered in the middle or illustrated...

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Before After: Two words that are the key to successful marketing in 2014

What’s the best way to tell the story of your practice?   The answer to this question can make a huge difference in how successfully you market your practice in the coming year.

 The answer: The life-changing work you do for your patients.  If you are telling your story any other way, you are not conveying the full impact...

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New Web Site by Dog Star Media

Congratulations to Ryan Mitchell, MD in Las Vegas on the launch of his new, redesigned web site. 

The site is a responsive, content managed web site built to Dr. Mitchell’s very specific aesthetic requirements.  The result is an alluring presentation that is suited to compete in the Las Vegas market.  As a responsive site, Dr....

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Feel Like No One is Listening?

The third Guiding Principle in our Virtual Sales Manager program is The Art of Listening.    We all know listening is a skill that requires patience.  Many people can become somewhat successful at their jobs without being great listeners but the only way to truly excellent performance in sales is through listening.  And,...

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Budgeting for 2014

November is budgeting month for most of our clients.   We have some great tips on how to proceed in budgeting for your needs in 2014 so you make the most of the upcoming year.

1)  If you didn’t redesign your web site in 2013, you probably don’t have a responsive web site.  This is the currently the standard for web...

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Building Value is Not Optional

 There are 5 Guiding Principles in our Virtual Sales Manager program.  Last week, I wrote a blog on the #1 Guiding Principle: Being Genuine and Authentic.  If you’ve established trust by being genuine, you are in the best position to build value.  And, that is where any conversation about your services needs to be.


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The Importance of Being Genuine and Authentic

There are 5 Guiding Principles in our Virtual Sales Managers program and chief among them is Being Genuine and Authentic.  This principle is essential to every other behavior and attitude recommended in our program.   Especially in elective surgery and dentistry, people buy on trust and the core of trust is authenticity.

I know what...

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