New Year - New Web Site

Let’s start the year with the newest web site from Dog Star Media. Congratulations to David Hendrick, MD on the launch of his new HTML/Flash/Video web site. Actually, we made him three themes on the one web site for three different areas of his practice. You can see Salina Surgical Arts here, Heartland Cosmetic Surgery here and The Vein...
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The Sales Equation: Explained.

I often describe our approach to marketing as based on two simple principles. They are 1) the flow of information and 2) the exchange of information. The exchange of information leading to a resolution... this is how we describe sales.At the end of the day, we are all in sales. Some organizations are order-taking businesses and some have...
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So, who is working on their 2010 budget?

In all my December coaching meetings, I try to focus some time on budgeting for 2010. This is important because it is so easy to get tempted into trying and buying other things. Not to say that a certain amount of experimentation is bad. It just should be done under the proper conditions including tracking responses.Some budgeting trends I...In...
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Google: Load time will be a factor in ranking sites

It is commonly known that there are hundreds of factors that work into search engine algorithms. However, recent news and buzz in the Internet search community indicates that Google (the most substantial and largest search engine) will be adding loading time into their algorithm beginning in 2010.It is unknown how much weight this will be...
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The phones are ringing

By now, you all know that I think tracking telephone numbers are the most useful marketing tool. A tracking number is a unique number placed in a specific location for the purpose of electronically tracking the details of calls from that source. It is great for breaking down the specific details of a response from a specific medium. It is...
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Well, well, well...

I was at a conference over the weekend. I was one of two marketing speakers and I always find it interesting (and validating) to hear another marketing professional speak. When she got around to SEO, I heard something that rang true.She said, “Pretty soon, if we aren’t already there, it will be impossible to be on Page 1...
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Relaunch of Maui Smiles

Congratulations to James Merrett, DDS on the island of Maui on the redesign of is a redesign that is based on the a review of our SEO stats and feedback gathered from his patients. The new site is more SEO friendly yet still has the Flash/Video benefits Dr. Merrett wanted to see in his web site. The video we shot for...
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Back to old bad habits?

There is a lot of activity out there right now. And, I am detecting a disturbing trend. During the economic downturn, nearly all of my clients made smart moves in terms of restructuring their marketing priorities. Through the use of tracking numbers and other technologies, we were able to target overpriced and underperforming media and opt...
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Understanding SEO

Know what you are buying when it comes to SEO. It is an important point we try to stress about SEO around Dog Star Media. Now, granted, there is a lot of required technical mumbo jumbo surrounding the SEO world. So, over the next few months, I am going to post a few basics you should know that might reduce your confusion.Here is a...
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Web Design Techniques

It seems many people are making changes to their web sites. That is good; it is a sign that big picture marketing is coming back into the forefront. But as you shake down your web site, there are some design basics you should keep in mind. Web design has become so complicated with options these days, that it seems everyone has their own...It...
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Sharpening The Sword

I like to write about trends I see among practices from my coaching meetings. I find that, generally, there are trends in priorities, behaviors and strategies among my clients. I first noticed these cycles long ago. Brace yourself, if you are experiencing this trend, I know it is not something you want to hear.Nobody in small business...
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A word about SEO

One of the things I like about our Keyword SEO is how we help you keep your eye on the ball. We insist on measurables, which takes a lot of the Internet techno-babble out of the discussion.Measurement is the reason we formed our service only on keywords. Keyword progess can be measured objectively. The degree to which the site is optimized...
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Interest in Video is Back

September has brought back an interesting question from clients and prospects. “How can I use video to make my web site more competitive?” I’ve had variations on this question several times in the past two weeks. Clearly, there is a renewed interest in making web sites more competitive among cosmetic surgeons and cosmetic...
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Great New Web Site from Dog Star Media

We are pleased to start off September by showing off a new web site... one with a twist. Here is a custom designed Spanish language site for Carlos Pou, MD in San Juan, Puerto Rico. This is a Flash Video web site created in Joomla which is a format that allows the client to make their own content changes.In this case, Joomla makes the most...We...
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Facebook FREE Friday

It is September and Dog Star Media is introducing a new Facebook promotion. And, for all of you playing along at home, this will be an example of how to use social networking for your business.You will notice this week, we have launched the Dog Star Media Facebook page. All of you clients who have friended my personal page, I will be...
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Database Marketing and Image of Difference Campaigns

I had a very interesting conversation with John Rose, DDS and Sarah who does his on-site marketing work in our coaching meeting this month. Now, granted, Dr. Rose has been a client for a while and they are very active, so don’t be intimidated. However, I wanted to tell this example to everyone because it shows how easy it is to put in a...
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The Importance of Tracking Numbers

In July, Dog Star Media clients recorded 1,173 phone calls from media placements and websites. Even in July, which is typically the slowest month of the year, call volume remains steady. This is pretty important knowledge for those clients as they gear up for the stretch run on 2009. Knowing who is calling from which medium is giving...In July, Dog Star Media clients recorded 1,173 phone calls from media placements and websites. Even in July, which is typically the slowest month of the year, call volume remains steady. This is pretty important knowledge for those clients as they gear up for the stretch run on 2009. Knowing who is calling from which medium is giving these...In July, Dog Star Media clients recorded 1,173 phone calls from media placements and websites. Even in July, which is typically the slowest month of the year, call volume remains steady. This is pretty important knowledge for those clients as they gear up for the stretch run on 2009. Knowing who is calling from which medium is giving these clients an advantage on sharpening the sword on their marketing coming out of the summer. Again, this is one of the many benefits of using tracking numbers for your phone calls. A few examples of how our clients are using tracking numbers:1) One is using it to measure how two competing television campaigns are paying off in direct calls. One station is performing consistently, the other is not. 2) Two are measuring an ad placement in a regional magazine that is being shared with other doctors from the region.3) Dozens are measuring the calls coming from their websites. Nearly all are finding out that the number of calls coming from their website far exceeds what they thought was coming in.4) One client is placing tracking number in all their yellow pages ads to determine the effectiveness of all the placements.And, there are many other stories. In July, those stories add up to 1,173 calls. How many calls did you get from your ad placements and website last month? Do you know for sure? If you do not, why would you not want a tool that tells you EXACTLY what you are getting? For more information on tracking telephone numbers, please contact me today at

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The Watermelon Seed

One of my favorite analogies that I use in my coaching program deals with eating Watermelon. Eating watermelon is a lot like explaining why to choose your business or service as opposed to one of your competitors. You can feed your listeners the watermelon or you can feed them the watermelon seed. Which is easier to swallow?Of course, it...
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One-to-One Marketing

I am pretty impressed with some of my client’s commitment to maintaining an active email marketing and now social networking strategy. Some are doing it very well and with every email, with every post, they are using an easy, quick-touch medium to execute a very effective strategy called One-to-One Marketing.One-to-One Marketing is a staple...
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Now THAT is a jump in traffic!

Congratulations to Dr. Richard Dolsky in Philadelphia on the additional 2000 visitors to his web site he got last month. He is in our Keyword SEO program and is paying close attention to his tracking including using a tracking number on his web site.In our conversation earlier this week, he said the same thing I hear on all first tracking...
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