Its all about numbers

It was great meeting a new group of cosmetic surgeons last weekend in Tulsa. The presentation I made on marketing went over pretty well, so I thought I would share the subject here, too. It is about using metrics in your marketing. If you know good benchmarks and how to interpret them, metrics are the key to success. If you don’t measure...
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Not convinced about mobile use... read this.

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Great New Web Site

Congratulations to David Buck, DDS on his new web site This new site is designed to address the obstructive sleep apnea marketing in Seattle. I love the choice. Nothing builds trust on the web like video of the doctor talking. It is as close to being in person as possible. This site was designed to have Dr. Buck walk...
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What advertising is telling us

Advertising is a great indicator of what is ahead. You just have to listen carefully to what is being said and how it is being said.There is a significant shift in tone over the past few months in many of the broadcast ads I am seeing and hearing. For a long time now, ads have focused on promoting value. This is because in an economy...
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It’s in the details

I have had numerous meetings lately with prospective clients that have wanted to change their marketing strategies. Some want to retool their web site to make it more competitive. Some want to put together campaigns that work and some still are looking for the magic bullet. I listen to their concerns and, of course, we talk about addressing...I...
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The Importance of Being Decisive

I had a fantastic client meeting with a long-time client last week. I’m not going to name any names or many details because I do not want to give away any competitive advantages this client will soon have in his marketplace, but I will say...“Wow! That was refreshing!”A little background first. Generally, in cosmetic surgery...
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A basic principle that should not be overlooked

There is a lot of marketing activity going on right now, which is fairly typical for the elective surgical and dental markets. And, when people shop, they make decisions based on opinions. If you are doing it right, you solicit expert opinions and do your own research, then form a fact-based opinion on what to do. However, most people...
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The Mobile Site Experience

I’ve written a lot this year about mobile web sites because it really is a big issue in Internet marketing these days. In the time and space allotted, I’ve been focused on the big reasons why its important to have a mobile version of your web site. The fact that mobile devices don’t play Flash and therefore do not play Flash...
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So, The Recession is over. Now what?

Yesterday, the government announced The Recession is over. Now what?Although this announcement is based on macro-level statistics and you might not be feeling a significant change right now in your local area, it is a sign that things are moving in the right direction. So, in the past few years, you’ve made your adjustments, sharpened your...
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Attention: Social Media

Social media has taken a solid foothold in the world of marketing and its not going anywhere. The fact that Facebook and Twitter icons are showing up on television ads for major brands means we are past the tipping point. Social media is here to stay and its more than the mass adoption by Internet users that has caused this to happen.The...
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Back to Business: Mobile sites are necessary

I hope everyone had a great Labor Day weekend. Now, it time to get back to business for the last big push of 2010. Typically, it is this time of year that we see a lot of strategy changes and additions of new strategies. At the same time, we are seeing a steady rise in mobile web site traffic. So, if this is not on your radar right now,...
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The End of Free

This week, I have heard a lot about the fits and starts of the economy in my coaching appointments. With only a few notable examples, it seems that everybody is just seeing fewer searches, calls and consults. It’s a lot like the short slow down a lot of the market saw in May earlier this year. However, yesterday, it was announced that...
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New web site and a moment for thanks

Congratulations to Angela Blass, DDS on the launch of her redesigned web site This is an HTML site with Flash with a content manager and it looks fantastic. The goal, which I think was met very effectively, was create a site that portrayed dentistry performed in a spa-like environment.A site like this is the best of...
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Summer Web Site Special.

By far, the most popular kind of site we produce is a combination of HTML and Flash. This sort of site has an HTML base for optimization, just enough Flash to add a higher level of aesthetic Time is running out!There are two weeks left in our Summer Web Site Special. For new Flash/HTML web sites ordered between June 1, 2010 and August 31,...
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Another Web Site Debut

We’d like to congratulate Dr. Mayli Davis on her new HTML/Flash web site. You can see it here at It’s a great blend of cosmetic surgery and ocular medicine and the look and feel connotes such a feminine touch. Good job, Dr. Davis.Right now, there are a lot of web sites that are being redesigned. We are in the...
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New Web Site and The Cosmetic Channel™

Well, it is suddenly a busy season for web sites. We have several that are finishing that are ready to debut and even more inquiries for web sites. Today, I’d like to congratulate Millennium Medical Spa on completing their website. You can see it here: Most of the web sites we do these days are HTML/Flash blends...
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The NEW Cosmetic Channel

In a few months, Dog Star Media is relaunching The Cosmetic Channel™ with a new concept that will bring even more benefit to our clients. Think YouTube™ for Cosmetic Surgery and Dental Procedures.... only with SEO and direct traffic benefits.There will be no cost to list your video on And, unlike...
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Getting serious about social networking

Yesterday, I was involved in a conference call with our local ReachLocal rep, Jessica Cooper, looking at a new product ReachLocal has rolled out related to social networking. Admittedly, this is a new medium that is changing at very rapid pace. It’s hard to get a hold of a strategy, learn how to work it and make it pay off before the next...
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Fresh Web Sites are Back!

All year long, the hot topic has been mobile web sites. The need for mobile sites has had the most buzz and has been our hottest selling item this year by far. However, in recent weeks, there has been a lot of talk about refreshing and improving standard web sites. The ones we redesigned for clients in the third quarter are making...
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Mobile sites... 2010’s Flavor of the Year

So what is boosting another wave of interest in mobile sites? How about the even-greater-than expected glut of iPhone 4 orders this month? Every few months it seems there is another hardware release that boosts the importance of making a good presentation on mobile devices.This week, Jack Peterson, MD got his mobile site. Click it on...
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