Our mission is to help small businesses with an emphasis on the brilliance of simplicity. We believe in common sense and transparency in our approach to marketing. We are a privately-owned small business ourselves and we act like it. We employ caring, dedicated professionals, practice smart time management principles and use the technologies we recommend. Our top business priority is to develop mutually beneficial relationships with clients and promote our vision of productivity through balance.


Donald GriswoldPresident/Creative Director
“As a small business owner, I’m proud of how our work enables our clients, who are also small business owners, to realize their dreams. This is why we have so many clients who have been with us more than a dozen years. We offer a quality relationship to all our clients and that’s a benefit to both parties.”
Charlie PatricVice President/Art and Technology Director
"In marketing, it's easy to focus on the wrong things. A number 1 ranking, instead of the traffic that ranking is getting you. A high number of visits from an Adwords campaign, instead of analyzing what those users are doing once they get to your website. A website that's just online, instead of one that communicates your message and converts. We will focus on what's truly important to your business. Because, what good is a number 1 ranking, if no one is searching that term?"
Kiki PatricSocial Media Manager
“Social media is where internet users spend 28% of their time. These are your future patients and clients! We make your business visible in their regular leisure activity which builds a trust and relationship between you and them. Now who do you think they’ll call when they need your type of service?”
Crystal MazueraWriter
Erin MudieWriter
Daniel TillerDesign
Wyatt CagleVideo Production
Taylor SchachterWriter
Stephanie BuchananSEO and Syndication Specialist

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Dog Star Media is a marketing and media company based in Dallas, Texas. We specialize in social media, search engine optimization, web design, video production and marketing. Contact us and find out how we can help your business.

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