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Content Marketing

The leading way to market yourself online is to create new relevant content frequently and connect that with emerging new audiences. If you want better search engine rankings or stronger reach on social mediums, Dog Star Media’s content-based Essential Services can deliver increases in interested traffic to your web site. Our writers, designers and video producers are among the strongest in the elective dental and medical field. Our SEO, Social Media, Review Management and News Syndication programs put out interesting, relevant, entertaining and informative content about your practice and attract a more web site traffic for our clients. Are you ready for a contemporary content-based marketing strategy? We’re ready to help you do it.

  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Social Media Content Strategy
  • Social Media Advertising Strategy
  • News Syndication
  • Review Management
  • Tracking Telephone Numbers

Strategy & Execution

Are you buying tools or are you seeking a coordinated marketing strategy? While Dog Star Media services can be performed a la carte, they work best when coordinated for maximum effect. All of our Essential Strategies are geared to two simple concepts: Add great new content and drive more traffic to clients’ web sites. These two activities have the two greatest impacts on improving your site relevance and domain authority, leading to improved search rankings. Thus, being in our Social Media Content Strategy improves your SEO. Our News Syndication program drives strong new traffic from highly ranked web sites, improving domain authority and adding new traffic. Even our Review Management program adds content to your web site. All Dog Star Media Essential Services rely on metric technologies to measure, report and form the foundation for analysis. We recommend coordinating content strategies for maximum value and impact. Interested in marketing programs that build on each other to create more value for you? We’re ready to help if you are.

  • Client Testimonials

Design, Video and Branding

Dog Star Media emphasizes a client’s Image of Difference as the basis for any custom design work we develop. Our creative influence extends through the way a client’s media looks, the basic idea and words used to hook the audience and the language used to clearly convey value. All Dog Star Media designers have college degrees in Fine Arts. Dog Star Media’s video team has experience in industrial, television, commercials, social media video and feature films. Dog Star Media’s web site design and development process is a custom process that features a client’s unique Image of Difference. And Dog Star Media’s proprietary brand positioning process, The Big Bang, is rooted in classic Madison Avenue market positioning techniques designed to make a message as clearly and immediately understood as possible in only a handful of words. All great design starts with unique inspiration. Are you ready for your media to reflect your Image of Difference as that unique inspiration? If so, we are ready to help you.

  • Web Design
  • Video Production
  • Strategic Planning
  • The Big Bang Brand Positioning
  • Custom Media Design


Everything we do clarifies and educates. We call it The Dog Star Way.

What is your purpose in your marketing communications and efforts? If clarifying your value and educating, your prospects work to earn you new business, we can help you do that at a very strong and productive level.

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Dog Star Media helps our clients achieve their marketing goals through Essential Marketing Services and Custom Media Design. Our Essential Marketing Services are all based on content and evaluated with metrics. All the media we design is customized to the client.

Search Engine Optimization
Our content-based SEO strategy is effective in improving a web site’s site ratings and domain authority.  When we Syndicate our content to highly regarded news sources, even more traffic finds your web site.  Find out how it works.
Social Media Content Strategy
Our Social Media Content strategy matches your new content with an interested local audience of social media users. The result is a strong flow of interested visitors to your website from social mediums and excellent brand development.Find out how it works.
Web Site Design and Development
We design content managed, responsive web sites with contemporary designs. Our designs perform optimally in both desktop and mobile environments. Our designs are custom and each Dog Star Media site emphasizes what makes the client unique. Find out how we do it.
Video Production
Video is simply the most effective communication medium. A well-made video focused on education and clarification can revolutionize your marketing strategy. When a prospective patient sees a doctor on video, trust can begin there very easily. Find out how it works.
Reputation Management
Our reputation management system is modeled after with one unique twist. No reviews go the Internet without your approval. Once you approve a review, we take it to large public review sites, making the process smooth, easy and refined for quality. Find out how we do it.
Social Media Advertising
Paying for clicks has become a lot better and less expensive thanks to social media advertising. Our ability to target a local audience using social medium’s advertising tools has allowed our client to drive increased numbers of direct-response visitors. Find out how we do it.
Virtual Sales Manager
Your marketing budget can be wasted if your team fumbles incoming calls. Many practices rely on consultants or in-house training for help. The Virtual Sales Manager is a way to influence your phone conversions with excellent communications training. Find out how it works.
Tracking Telephone Numbers
The #1 tool for evaluating conversion is a tracking telephone number. If you are not tracking calls with a technology or simply asking new patients where they heard about you, you are not tracking calls accurately. Tracking telephones numbers leave no doubts. Find out how they work.

Why Dog Star Media?

We are named after Sirius, The Dog Star, the brightest star in the southern sky. Ancient sailors used The Dog Star to navigate to fortune, then back home again. You can, too. We are your Dog Star.

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Dog Star Media helps small businesses. Over the years we have developed an expertise in marketing cosmetic surgical practices, elective or fee-for-service dental practices and other medical and dental practices. Our small businesses clientele ranges from technology company to engineering companies, from security and staffing businesses to mom and pop businesses. We like working with owners who are engaged visionaries. We are trustworthy as partners, will challenge clients to do better and point the way with accurate metrics and analysis.


Our mission is to help small businesses with an emphasis on the brilliance of simplicity. We believe in common sense and transparency in our approach to marketing. We are a privately-owned small business ourselves and we act like it. We employ caring, dedicated professionals, practice smart time management principles and use the technologies we recommend. Our top business priority is to develop mutually beneficial relationships with clients and promote our vision of productivity through balance.

Donald GriswoldPresident/Creative Director
“As a small business owner, I’m proud of how our work enables our clients, who are also small business owners, to realize their dreams. This is why we have so many clients who have been with us more than a dozen years. We offer a quality relationship to all our clients and that’s a benefit to both parties.”
Charlie PatricVice President/Art and Technology Director
"In marketing, it's easy to focus on the wrong things. A number 1 ranking, instead of the traffic that ranking is getting you. A high number of visits from an Adwords campaign, instead of analyzing what those users are doing once they get to your website. A website that's just online, instead of one that communicates your message and converts. We will focus on what's truly important to your business. Because, what good is a number 1 ranking, if no one is searching that term?"
Valerie StokesEditor in Chief
"Content is king, but quality content is truly what reigns supreme. You get out what you put in, and that’s why putting out content that resonates with your audience is so crucial. It’s a vital component in what fuels the fire, drives the traffic and gets your business noticed. Every business is different, with a unique set of needs. That’s why it’s essential to the success of every brand to have a voice that speaks to its clients in a way no other brand can. We can help give your business that voice. "
Kiki PatricSocial Media Manager
“Social media is where internet users spend 28% of their time. These are your future patients and clients! We make your business visible in their regular leisure activity which builds a trust and relationship between you and them. Now who do you think they’ll call when they need your type of service?”

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Amy Norman, DDS

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